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A good-smelling home can definitely put people in a better mood and affect someone's day. I make sure my house is always fresh-smelling since having children can give your house a somewhat distinctive odor (and a headache). Although I make sure that the odor in my home is a good one, I don't always succeed.
Fortunately there is Glade, my partner since time immemorial. If you're choosing a Glade fragrance though, you need to choose something that exactly represents you, does not turn house guests off.
My kids and I spend a lot of time at home especially this summer that we become accustomed to the odors that guests might detect right away. I tried to eliminate unwanted odors pretty quickly using an old trick in making the house smell really good. However, scents from soaked cotton balls don't last long.

When there is unexpected company announcing they will be over within the hour, the house needs a quick fix keeping the house fragrant in an instant.
Hooray for Glade as they've launched their newest Glade Automatic Spray fragrance - Peony and Berry Bliss, held at the Glorietta Activity Center last April 6 to 8. No more soaked cotton balls!
The event was filled with activities like Love Bubble where everyone get to experience first hand the new Peony and Berry fragrance.
Seen also was Love Ballet Performances by the Halili Cruz Ballet School, there was an interactive Love Photo Booth where we got our wacky GIF photos from the event, and the Love Rewards Promo Booth where guests got instant prizes for onsite purchase.

Honestly, I've been eyeing for this new item for months now, hesitant because of the budget. I was ecstatic when I found out Glade provided all the media guests with their new automatic spray in Lavender with an additional canister of the new fragrance Peony and Berry Bliss! Woohoo!
If you love a sweet-smelling scent, almost similar to a cotton candy, get the Peony and Berry Yummy Fragrance :)
Mothers like me with kids who are constant stink magnets should really have a Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit all over the house. I put one in my bathroom and everyday I could smell the scent even in my second floor hallway!
I was really saving the item for the incoming guests but since I was still trying out the product, I decided to give it a go and set it to spray every 36 minutes (has three other time options to pick from) and was very happy with how well and long the smell lasts for.
I loved how well the sprayer fits into any decor because of the neutral color and pretty design printed on it. This product will be a staple in my home FROM NOW ON. I will purchase one to put in my upstairs bathroom as well. Wait for the photos!

Be like me and take a break from the day with Glade's Automatic Spray Fragrance in 3 easy steps.
  • Assemble your Glade Automatic Spray
  • Set to your selection of 3 fragrance intensity settings
  • Enjoy fragrance up to 60 days
You can get the starter set alone on selected stores nationwide for only P365 
(1 Automatic Spray unit,1 269ml/175g Refill Canister, 2 AA Batteries).


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