5:46 PM

Mosquito Magnet No More

The rainy months have arrived and as we bring out our raincoats, boots and umbrellas while relaxing against the pitter patter of rain, we a...
11:38 AM

My Endoscopy Story

Forgive me for I haven't had a chance to take photos. I was in deep pain the day I was about to have my very first Endoscopy.

Alvarado Painting

Iconic Negrenese social realist painter Nunelucio Alvarado (1950) is regarded as one of the most prominent contemporary artists in the Phil...
5:06 PM

Fun Day with Sisters-In-Law

Last Wednesday, April 17, I called up my Sisters-in-law, Nikki and Sherry to accompany me, in claiming my prizes at Shangri-la Mall and mak...
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