Four Ways To Enjoy The Best Cheese Tart

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It begins with a golden, buttery pastry, wobbling as I raised it toward my lips, bursting in my mouth the delectable cheese filling, as the sweet taste and amazing aroma linger in my head. Winner!
It's been a week and I'm wishing I was in front of the delectable cheese tarts again from BAKE.
Yes, you read it right. Hokkaido’s cult favorite, is now in Manila!

Opening not just one but two doors in The Podium last December and at the Powerplant Mall Rockwell last January, be blown away with BAKE's melt-in-your mouth goodies.

If you truly want rich flavor, there is nothing like the intense flavor you get from BAKE Cheese Tart freshly, the same delightful cheese tarts Shintaro Naganuma first created in his family’s decades-old Kinotoya confectionary in Hokkaido, you know you have the real deal!
BAKE Cheese Tart is now churning out 35 million cheese tarts per year, features an exquisite blend of four types of cheese—three from Hokkaido and one from France. It is then cupped in a double baked crust and baked until it turns a delicate golden brown. The result is a cheese tart that lends a sensational mouthfeel.
The experience is of a well-balanced cream cheese with a crisp pastry that is just the right ratio to its filling. Satisfied customers the world over has declared its unrivaled quality.
I tried it four ways: freshly baked, chilled, frozen and warm. Don't judge.
In my opinion, freshly baked and chilled are the best. The cheese filling when chilled is a lot richer and more addicting. Although the freshly baked tarts can be a bit messy, they made the tart crusts double baked for that crisp texture to blend perfectly with the light cheese mousse. PERFECT!

It's everyone's favorite, even my daughter who has an aversion to cakes, instantly fell in love with BAKE Cheese Tart.
And finally, it's the weekend. No more standing in line just to get a box or two. I'm buying two boxes at P540 each.
By the way, BAKE Cheese Tart is baking their way to their POP UP SHOP located at the Ground Floor, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia.

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