LAKWATSERA LOVERS anniversary giveaway

4:14 PM
I met this young couple (MATT & TEENAY) 2 years ago when I was still in the Facebook contest world( well, I never really left ).

Matt once told me that I was a huge threat to them the reason he decided to add me on FB (and I was like...?@_@?).
Admittedly, 2010 was a lucky year for me. I was on the winning side and the lucky stars definitely shone the brightest at me.
I'm super glad that I always bumped into them on mall events because it made us closer to each other. Instantly , I became a fan of their love team.
Though Teenay is now on a different land and I'm in a far far away galaxy, still we managed to keep in touch and have promised that we will see each other in 2 years!
Anyhow, I'm here to promote their anniversary giveaway and you are all invited to join!
Lots of cool stuff to be given away!


Tickets to movie MIRROR MIRROR

All you need to do is to be a fan of their fan page :

500 likers and y'all good to go!

Go ahead and be a fan, you'll get movie updates every day


Oh, to you Teenay & Matt.....

Best wishes,lol!


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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