My Endoscopy Story

11:38 AM
Forgive me for I haven't had a chance to take photos. I was in deep pain the day I was about to have my very first Endoscopy.

Yes, it was my very first experience (and hopefully my last one).
The night before the actual procedure, I was having double thoughts whether to go on or not. I do Google stuff every now and then information which I'm not particularly familiar with.
Though I took up Pre-med, that does not conclude that I know every single procedure in the medical world. But in the first place, we should (rather I should) stop searching for answers on the internet for it will only scare the hell out of you!
Let me guarantee you that ENDOSCOPY is not all.

What made me decide to go ahead on the procedure?
Well, I was having gas pains and kept on "burping" for 3 weeks, with bloated feeling and had a severe chronic stomach pain that kept me awake in the middle of the night and made me a zombie.

When I was rushed in the E.R 3 weeks ago, the internist gave me OMEPROLE( a proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease(PUD), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD/GERD), laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and Zollinger–Ellison syndrome) for 7 days.
But it only worsens the pain especially after eating. So I went to see another M.D (and was kind of relieved when I saw his certificate that he was a U.S trained doc).

He told me to take OMEPROLE and GANATON ("restores gastric natural tone") for another 10 days.
Well, as expected, it only worsens AGAIN the pain. And this time, it was really unbearable! Have decided to stop the medication and went to see a Sonologist to have my abdomen ultrasound then went to a  Gastrologist to have my Endoscopy done, finally!

How did the procedure go?

I was told to fast for 8 hours (NPO) the night before the actual procedure to be able to have an accurate reading (and I thought -- that wouldn't be a very pleasant sight if you have a full tummy right?).
When I got there, I almost panicked after I saw the "thing" that would go inside me(oh,I mean the scope).

Hubby didn't leave my side though his boss kept on calling him. *happy*

My doctor rest assured me that I mustn't worry because I would not feel a single thing (yeah, you would say that because you're not the patient).

I was asked to lie down on my side, gave me IV SEDATIVE(yes, I was conscious,good grief) and an immediate feeling of grogginess followed.

Truly, it helped me to relax a bit. He then sprayed some sort of mouth/throat anesthesia and a mouth-guard was placed between my teeth to prevent me from I don't know what. Maybe biting off/chewing off the endoscope , lol!

Hubby kept on telling me to just relax but it was hard.
When the scope passed through my mouth, it was uncomfortable , yes, but tolerable.
Finally, I was able to relax. My eyes were closed the entire procedure.

Oh by the way, the whole procedure just lasted 2- 3 minutes! I didn't feel any stomach pain or sore throat after.
..and the result? Well, everything is normal!
My digestive system is OK!

The Doctor just gave me antacids if ever there is flare up of hyper-acidity.
I only paid 2,000 pesos for the whole thing(professional fee + scope) , if you got Phil health.

Now, you see, it wasn't so bad. It actually has psychological benefits as well!

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