Globe Business and Zalora Provide Unmatched Quality Service to Online Shoppers

ONLINE SHOPPING company Zalora and Globe Business have embarked on a partnership, proving again why Globe Business is the preferred telecoms provider for small and medium businesses.

Globe Business was the first provider of choice for Zalora, that relies heavily on telecoms technology to run its business.

DRIVING E-COMMERCE. Online retailer Zalora and Globe Business partner for the best online shopping experience for Zalora customers and Globe subscribers. Globe Business' advanced, fast, secure, and reliable network, plus its solutions for postpaid services, G-Cash, mobile Internet, and smartphone apps are expected to drive the growth of Zalora and other e-commerce companies. In photo are (left to right): Gian Villaceran, Direct Sales Manager South GMA Market Development Small and Medium Business Segment, Brian Cu, Zalora Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blue Avelino, Head of Small and Medium Business Segment and Dennis Salvador, South GMA Market Development Regional Sales Head.
“There are multiple thrusts in our partnership with Globe Business. First of all was the network service itself. Globe Business was our first choice with its reliability, coverage, and the overall solution it provides to us. The account was also managed very well so we were able to resolve any issues with very short turnaround time.  We started out with a leased line connection for our network. We’re already up to 17mbps in our Internet connection.

“Being an Internet company, we rely a lot on our main connection. We need to do a lot of things on the Internet, and to do that we rely on Globe Business. So far, the experience has been very fruitful.  We’re very happy with the speed, reliability and quality of services that they provide,” said Brian Cu, Zalora Co-Founder and Managing Director.

More productive

Besides the leased line Internet connection, Cu said that their company relies on Globe Business for other back end requirements for the business.

For example, Zalora issued Globe Business postpaid lines to its employees, as well as Blackberry phones they could use for mobile email and Internet services.

“From our Internet connection, we moved on to Globe Business postpaid lines. We deal with 450 brands on our websites, and all of these are account managed by our buyers. We prefer to use Globe Business postpaid plans because they have the best suite of services for postpaid.

“We rely a lot on email, so we had Blackberries issued to a lot of our employees. We have over a hundred subscriptions to Globe Business. I’ve lost count of the exact number,” he explained.


Zalora has also tapped the technology and services of Globe Business for its marketing efforts. Two of these services are G-Cash and the Tattoo mobile Internet broadband.

ZALORA is the country's top online shopping website, with a full range of products easily at shoppers' fingertips--about 20,000 products and 450 brands all available online. Zalora has partnered with Globe Business to boost its business operations and enhance its customers' shopping experience. Globe Business is Zalora's choice for solutions like its website's powerful Internet connection and the mobile email service and postpaid lines for its employees
“We have G-Cash. It’s our premiere mobile payment solution and we offer it to our customers. We also work with Tattoo, especially now that Tattoo launched their Lifestyle Stick, which is a very good fit with Zalora’s lifestyle branding. We work heavily with Tattoo to cross-market, and cross-fertilize both our customer bases,” said Cu.

He also revealed that Zalora will soon be launching its own mobile app, to allow customers to shop online using their smartphones.

“When we launch the Zalora mobile app, Globe will be our very first point of call to really broadcast the app to our customer base. We’re also working with MyGlobe Reward to be able to offer Zalora vouchers and products, as part of the MyGlobe Reward catalog,” he said.

Driving growth

Cu predicts exciting times for e-commerce in the Philippines in general—and Zalora, he added, is poised to be the largest online retailer in the country, and the largest e-commerce company.

He said that Zalora is relying on Globe Business to turn that dream in to a reality. First, Globe Business provides Zalora with back end solutions that increase the productivity of its employees. They can find the best products and get them online as fast as possible, through the speed and reliability of the Globe network.

“On our front end, we have our co-marketing effort, where we can really integrate online shopping with a mobile-based platform like Globe Business. This is done through its reliable data services and its offerings on smartphones.

“Imagine having a Zalora app on every smartphone sold on a postpaid plan. Imagine being able to conveniently shop for fashion on your phone, and getting billed later through your Globe account.

“There’s still a lot of growth not just for Zalora but for e-commerce in general. We haven’t reached our peak yet and we’re at a growth stage. With our partnership with Globe Business in reaching the right customer base, we can accelerate that growth even further,” he said.

Like Zalora, you can experience the benefits of having customized back end and front end solutions for your business. Consult a Globe Business Account Manager, visit Globe stores, call the Globe Business Hotline at +632 730-1010 or log on to today to find out more.

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