Life Is Short. 'Focus on What Matters'

Truthfully, life can be pretty rough sometimes, and at one time or another, feels like whole world is against you. Recently, there's a stressed out feeling and fed up with things that there's already a sense of not feeling like myself. I wanted to shut down, and just go somewhere isolated.

I tell myself that it’s likely to pass but most times when there is negative power surrounding you, it is difficult to escape and you'll try your best to figure out why you're feeling that way but you'll give up eventually.

I was fortunate to meet coach Pia of OneCore at the Focus On What Matters Event recently, as she brought back (a little) of my motivation, my inspiration, my cheers, and kindness. Because when you're living in despair, it's really difficult to love and be kind, right? Especially to our children. We need to always be the perfect person to them. But we are broken.
I love listening to coach Pia and her stories, like she was speaking directly to my soul, trying to instantly change the corners of my whole being. As I was listening to her, the feeling of heaviness inside me was building up fast and I wanted to burst into tears. Took several deep breaths and thankfully regained my composure. The whole introduction made me want to read the book immediately but I have so much on my plate right now.
Coach Pia and OneCore have been in full force shedding light on everyone for years now, they've come such a long way. She began her coaching profession 18 years ago and formalized OneCore in 2009 and managed to put positivity and brought back happiness to over 500,000 individuals not only in the Philippines but across the seas like Italy, Paris, London and across Southeast Asia.
What she really wants to do is to inspire all of us with the book and make a connection because her inspiration behind the book was Coach Pia's philosophy that life is short. Same as mine honestly. I usually tell this line to every person I meet.
Life is indeed short for us not to make the difference , for us not to make an impact, for us not want to share with each other what we know would benefit other people in their life. Hence, the book.
Since she is limited in face to face capacity, but a book would multiply and will make a difference rapidly.
Her newest book, which followed "Born To Be A Hero”, talks about how to live a meaningful life and the process one has to go through to be able to focus on the things that are necessary and let go of the things that are not.

"Focusing on what matters begins with laying the foundation for finding clarity through the exercise of self-mastery, self-development, and self-commitment-a process that we call Inner Work," Coach Pia says in her book.

A process called MICK gives her readers quite a take away and something to remember as they go through their daily lives.

"Motivate, inspire, Cheer for, and be Kind to ourselves are 4 important things we should be able to do to objectively see events in our lives with more clarity and make better life decisions," says Coach Pia.
Coach Pia’s work is sought after especially by those who are familiar with how The OneCORE works.
Individuals going through The OneCORE journey receive support and are taught to live a focused and productive life through the process of self~mastery, self-development, and self-commitment.
The OneCORE is a pioneer group for professional coaching in the Philippines.
It cultivates a positive and human-centered environment by promoting a mindset ofanchoring on clarity and staying focused on what matters.

”Focus on What Matters” will be out in Fully Booked and selected National Bookstores.

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