Have a #Lucky2018 with Edu, Luis, and the new Shakey’s meal deal!

As you all know, the new year is all about reunions and get-together, the main reason why Shakey's has come out with the Meal Deal promo. Also their friendly, relaxed atmosphere is a much better way to spend your New Years.
Shakey's has always been our go-to not only because they have the coolest ambiance especially now with their newest store look, but because they are open 24/7!
This 2018, Shakey's Meal Deal is the absolute best deal. Why?

Imagine, for only 2018 pesos you get to have two large pizzas , two platters of pastas, 10 chicken and mojos, 10 mozzarella sticks, a platter of salad, and two pitchers of iced teas. And on top of that, you get to have your very own Shakey's super card that you can use for the rest of the year! FREE PIZZAS!!
There’s the new addition as well to their pasta choices – Bacon & Cheese Fusilli Pasta, a delicious creamy blend of parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar, plus crispy bacon bits baked with fusilli pasta!

And this is exactly what father and son Edu and Luis Manzano intend to do this year. Luis has been part of the Shakey’s family since last year and has been renewed to be joined by his father, Edu. Both are known for their playful nature and are mostly followed on social media for their hilarious videos and posts.

They appear in the newest advertisement where Edu is dressed in polka dots from head-to-toe, while Luis debunks this popular belief and shows his dad how to truly get lucky this New Year – by availing Shakey’s hottest 2018 Meal Deal.
Shakey’s president and chief executive officer Vicente Gregorio is very enthusiastic about their new tandem.
“Edu and Luis embody the brand in every way, which is why we are excited to welcome them into the Shakey’s family this 2018,” he said.
“Guests will surely be lucky with this meal deal, since Shakey’s is centered on exceeding their expectations. Each year, it has become a tradition for Shakey’s to offer something more fun and family-friendly with our meal deals, and this 2018 is no different as we present the 2018 Meal Deal,” he added.
“Since way back, Shakey’s has always been a staple whenever there are family get-togethers and whatnot. I’m really glad and honored to be a part of the Shakey’s family,” said Edu.

For Luis, it is a win-win situation. “I am a big fan of the brand. I tweet about it and constantly order pizza when I’m home or at work,” he said. “Aside from that, I get to work with my dad, which makes it a lot more special,” he added.

Whether it be bonding time with the family, hanging out with the entire barkada, or just simply spending some alone time, you can always count on Shakey’s to give you a great experience.

Now you know how to achieve a #Lucky2018! Spend time with your loved ones, and make it more special by availing Shakey’s 2018 Meal Deal. You will never go wrong.

To learn more about the 2018 Meal Deal, visit their website www.shakeyspizza.ph, their official Facebook page www.facebook.com/ShakeysPH/ and Instagram page www.instagram.com/shakeysph.

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