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I really don't mind when others tell me I'm kind of superstitious just because I follow some Feng Shui traditions especially for the New Year while we wait it out all the way to midnight on New Year's Eve. Not only it is fun spending the holiday with friends and family with good food and drinks, it is considered highly auspicious to be with the ones you love on that day.
I always feel emotional and sentimental about the New Year. My family used to do extraordinary things especially when my dad was here. I consider our village as one of the best places for celebrating New Year’s Eve – there are honking horns with cheers long before the countdown to midnight, every street comes alive with amazing fireworks display to let go of all the bad spirits and bad luck.

Talk about lucks and to mark the beginning of the new year,
our internationally certified and recognized Feng Shui master in the Philippines and my favorite Ms. Marites Allen, begins her exclusive event revealing just what’s in store for all of us.
I was lucky enough to be part of this year's biggest Feng Shui event -- the 2018 Philippine Feng Shui Convention promises to be more exciting and relevant as we all seek good fortune in the Year of the Dog.

2018 is considered to be an auspicious year with a flying star because of number 9 present in all directions. The number 9 is important and more powerful than the number 8 according to Ms. Marites Allen.
If you’re worried about having a great start to 2018, it might be worth paying attention to some of these Feng Shui tips I've learned at the convention:
  • It is a must to update your house Feng Shui each year. 
  • Before the Chinese New Year, which will fall the 16th of February, make sure to make your front door as bright and clutter -free as possible. It is bad Feng Shui when you put all your shoes at the front door.
  • You should know your directions. Use traditional compass instead of the digital though.
  • Once you've seen the direction of the house, divide your floor plan into 9 grids.The correct floor plan will look like this :
  • You stand in the middle of your house looking out then reconfirm it by taking the direction looking outside.
  • Disaster star in SouthEast. You have to put there cures to reverse the bad luck. 
  • For the married people and to those who are looking for LOVE and ROMANCE, you need to activate the Peach Blossom Luck - Tiger, Horse, Dog put the painting of the blue rat in the East. Snake, Rooster, Ox place Red Horse in the South.
  • Most ideal location in 2018 is the NorthWest
  • Wealth star is in the South East. Enhance it more using infinity symbols.
  • You have to buy Marites Allen's Feng Shui Almanac and planner cause it is important that we simulate Spring by making important changes in our homes and offices as early as this week. I cannot leave the house without checking first the Almanac :)
More of Marites Allen Feng Shui here : http://www.ericayub.com/2017/12/all-about-love-luck-career-2018.html

Check out Marites Allen's Schedule thisChinese New Year of the Earth Dog! You may contact 0920 9509390 to confirm your seats.

RAT : 
A financially rewarding year.
Avoid risky investments.

*Wear the Wealth Increasing medallion for a steady flow of income

Watch out for misunderstandings this year.
Promote a harmonious life.
There may be a promotion or career development.
Excellent time to meet a new love.

*Enhance the South West with Dragon and Phoenix or peony symbols

Expect a good year.
Avoid confrontations.
Lead a healthy life.
New relationships for single tigers.
Couples may face challenges.

*Need popularity mantra shawl or green rabbit image in the East

Robbery star is seen.
Business opportunities are present this year.
Couples should be careful.

*Need attractiveness medallion and Medicine Buddha

Wealth star but with conflict.
Not a good year to introduce complications.
Possible workplace difficulties.
Treasure meaningful relationships.
Be prudent in spending.

*Display images of dragon or wealth tree in the South East

Upward achievement
No to wakes and hospitals
marriage possible
Love energies are up
There is infidelity for couples

*Peony mantra Shawl is needed. Mandarin Ducks in the South West

Rewarding year in the love department.
Health and wealth in the horizon.
Third part threats.

*Use evil eye or peony symbols

Be attentive to self.
Heavenly luck star for income!
Easy to find love.
Attend parties and occasions.
Windfall luck is strong

*Place a wealth tress in the south
Peach blossom blue rat in the North

Hectic year.
Positive things incoming.
Cash inflows. 
Health is at risk.

*Need peony image and auspicious coins

Good prospects despite health challenges.
Fight stress.
Control finances.
Look after your well being.
Married roosters beware of sending wrong signals.

*Mandarin Ducks for love
Water fountains for wealth

No more disappointments and misfortunes.
New beginnings.
income growth.
Harmonious relationships.
Happy occasions.
Unexpected bonuses.

*Need manttra shawls and dog images
Medicine Buddha

Change yourself and environment.
Manage health and finances well.
Betrayal is seen.
Be careful with long road trips and extreme sports.

*Need mantra inspired shawls
Need water element

For more comprehensive readings on the career, wealth, health, and relationship prospects for each animal sign, get your copy of Ms. Allen’s horoscope books available at all Frigga Charmed Life boutiques and National Bookstores. Also available online at www.frigga.co.uk, lazada.com.ph, and oshopping.com.ph.

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