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Days ago, I sent messages to friends asking them about their biggest regrets / things they most regret not doing when they were younger. Most of them answered not traveling and not spending their free days somewhere outside the country.
Forget about loving dogs -"must love travel" WAS and still IS the thing for everyone. I share their sentiments, perhaps, as travelling is indeed some sort of an enjoyment or an escape when life seems a bit overwhelming and what could have been a great adventure, now just an illusion for me.
Visiting the grocery store with the kids or fetching them from school is now my own great adventure. No, not a complaint.Trust me *wink
I love being a mom even though I'm single parent most days, since my husband stays in Region III because of work. I admit, it is quite difficult.
Raising 3 almost teens, preparing meals 5 times a day, errands here and there, making everything squeaky clean - kids included, truly a never ending list of things that needs to get done.
I get up at 4 am every single morning to prepare things for school, and at night, I can barely keep my eyes open to finish a single blogpost.
Some would rather pack their bags and just go to places than to deal with whining rascals all the way home. Some days are easy, some days are not. And when the not-so-good days choose to stay, recharging is needed in order to get your energy back. And for me, peace and quiet means not travelling but STAYING AT HOME when kids are in school. Yes, home is my escape in between those school hours.
Imagine me taking mindful breaths as I hold a piece of chocolate in one hand, between the fingers, savoring the choco goodness with my eyes closed...HAPPINESS.

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Yes, travelling can make everyone happy because we can learn so much about the people and cultures of different places. Plus, the feeling you get when you set foot in an airport, incredible.
I'm thinking if ever the universe would allow me to see various foreign countries, maybe, just maybe I’ll jump at it. But for now, my passport stays with me at home.


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  2. Done Mam .��


Have a great day! God bless :)

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