No More Hiding. Let Love Rule With Closeup

Let's admit it. Nowadays, it takes a lot of courage to be able to be with someone.
Barriers hold people back from experiencing the most beautiful feeling in the world. Some of them kept their unconventional relationship a secret due to discrimination, public shame, even bullying.
Did you know that 9 in 10 youths wish for a world where people are free to be with the person they are attracted to? But fewer in 3 to 5 youths they actually have the freedom.
That is why Closeup is here to help you grow into the person you want to be while finding joy on the path. They pledge to advocate for the freedom to love in the most relevant ways everyone possibly can. Not just in words, but through concrete actions
that support communities.
Closeup takes to heart as its purpose showing and championing different kinds of love and mutual respect for all on various platforms, in order to create a society where instead of imposing rules on love, we let love rule.
“We at Closeup believe that everyone should have the freedom to love, regardless of gender, race, social status, age or religion,” says Carmela Guno, Closeup Philippines Brand Manager. “Through our #FreetoLove campaign and the diverse stories we showcase, we hope to realize our vision of a world where people can get closer to each other, without doubts or fears of judgement or prejudice, ultimately allowing love to rule.”

Closeup #LoveRules Exhibit 

Bringing this campaign to life, Closeup recently held its #LoveRules Exhibit, an interactive event celebrating all kinds of love through a panel discussion and different mediums of art.
Scattered around the event were four murals created by graffiti artist Jappy Agoncillo, each highlighting a perceived barrier to relationships and celebrating how Filipino couples overcome these differences from age and cultural gaps, the stigma around online dating, to acceptance of LGBTQlA couples championing love above all else.

Providing entertainment for the event were spoken word artists Carla Nicoyco and Alfonso Manalastas, and singer BP Valenzuela. These artists shared their personal works reflecting their experiences of love and how they choose to empower others to love freely.
Further opening up the conversation around #LoveRules, Closeup also held a panel discussion, facilitated by Vicky Herrera, focusing on celebrating and fighting for all forms of love, even in a society where love still has rules. The panel consisted of four outspoken and open-minded individuals, each with their own story of finding love without fear or doubts. Radio DJ and host Katz Salao talked about being confident in going after what she wants, and even making the first move, going against the Maria Clara stereotype of Filipina women.
Mother of two Andi Eigenmann spoke of leaving the pressures of Manila and showbiz, and eventually finding freedom to love despite what everyone else expected of her. lndoor cycling instructor EG Bautista shared his coming out experience, and overcoming his fear of judgement of his same-sex relationship. Finally, actress and entrepreneur Issa Pressman discussed how she remains open to the possibilities of life, even as her relationships unfold in the public eye.
By bringing forward and highlighting these diverse stories in its #FreeToLove campaign. Closeup continues to empower everyone to get close and choose love, hoping to create a more accepting and respectful world. Where love has rules, take a stand and let love rule.
To learn more about Closeup ’s #FreetoLove campaign, visit

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