Win a Smartwatch And One-year supply of Quaker products With The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge!

Have you had yourself checked lately?
It's best to get a routine blood work at least once a year since it is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being. This way, you can see the way your body changes over time to easily make decisions about your health.
Honestly, if it weren't for this event, I would never know my cholesterol level. Yes, they took blood samples during the event to have our cholesterol levels checked for free! I know right, ang saya! 
With various health issues going around us these days, this is such an important time to talk about a healthy lifestyle and also taking care of our body, especially our heart. 
In a recent survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRl)1, they found that one out of two adult Filipinos has borderline to high cholesterol mainly because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Our inclination towards fatty foods contributes to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
In fact, based on the latest report of the Philippine Statistics Authority, heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the country. 
Quaker, the number 1 oats brand in the world, aims to lower cholesterol for better heart health management among Filipinos through the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. 

I'm sure you've already heard about it. First introduced in 2004 in the Philippines, the challenge was developed to demonstrate how adding oatmeal to your daily diet helps reduce cholesterol. 

Let us know how to take care of our heart and why Quaker should be an essential part of our daily lives:

It is sad that people with high cholesterol are getting younger and younger. We used to think that only older people will get it.  Everyone can get high cholesterol level in the body. In a country where eating is a national passion, we tend to disregard the effects of the food we consume. Even though fast food and processed goods are becoming staples in our daily meals, many don’t take into account their nutritional density. There is such thing as vegetable deficiency. Although doctors don't diagnose it usually, it can be a diagnosis. We have unlimited source of seafood and vegetables here in the Philippines but sadly  only a portion of that gets consumed.

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. @mrsnerimiranda : "Ang gusto kong regalo mo sa akin ay magpa-executive checkup ka." @chitomirandajr : "Wala naman ako nararamdaman. Payat ako..etc..etc.. . . *After ECU : Lab test shows too much #LDL cholesterol (bad) in the blood. . . @chitomirandajr : ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ฑ . . . . ._________________ Sometimes, overweight and obese people were found to be at no greater risk of developing or dying from #heartdisease or cancer, compared with normal weight people, as long as they were metabolically fit despite their excess weight. Kaya, we should start taking care of our body. Our heart. Hindi porket payat eh safe since it is said that 1 out of 2 Filipino adults have high #cholesterol. Let's all support and join @quakeroatsph 's #QuakerSmartHeartChallenge - lowering cholesterol in just 30 days! Just have 2 scoops of #QuakerOats daily (meron pang #freebies to be given away). Read more about it here : . . . . . . . . . #ILoveWellness #Health #Fiber #CleanHeart #CleanColon #EventsPH #MommyBlogger #MommyBloggerPH #Momof3 #StuckWith3 #MommyBloggerEricaYuB #NeriMiranda #ChitoMiranda #ParokyaNiEdgar ๐Ÿ“ธ@annalynblogs
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1. We need to increase our vegetable intake. 
2. Try to cook as much as you can minus processed foods. Fast food has become accessible to us to the point that is is easier for us to eat fast food than home-cooked meals. 
3. We have to incorporate physical activity. If you lessen the junk food and yet not move at all, cholesterol level will still shoot up. 
4. Focus on soluble fiber. It expands in your gut and will prevent absorption of bad cholesterol. When we consume too much rice, since we are the top consumer hehe, carbohydrates will increase, thus, the production of carbohydrates in the body will also increase. 
Simple changes can make a huge impact to your health. 
Take the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge.
This aims to help individuals lower their high cholesterol in just 30 days by making one simple change: incorporating two scoops or eight tablespoons of Quaker oatmeal daily, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol
This challenge was created to help adults learn about and develop heart-healthy eating habits, especially now that more and more individuals including more and more young Filipinos are experiencing heart problems and high cholesterol levels. 

To show how simple, convenient and tasty an oats-tilled diet can be, Quaker partnered with health coach Nadine Tengco to create a variety of sweet and savory recipes to complement the 30-day Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, perfect for young Filipinos who are looking to take better care of their hearts. 
Make your own oats breakfast jars with recipes like Coco-Choco Oat Jar and Oats n’ Mango Breakfast Jar, or step up your morning pick-me-up with Oats n’ Raisins Banana Mug Cake or Whipped Egg-Whites n’ Oats. 
“Incorporating oats into your daily diet need not be boring nor complicated. It‘s easier and more accessible now than ever to kick start a heart-healthy lifestyle,” shares Nadine. 

a)  The Promo is open for registrations from January 6, 2020 –March 15, 2020. The last day to register and take the pre-challenge blood test is on March 15, 2020. The last day to complete the challenge is on April 30, 2020.
b)  Step 1: Go to Quaker Oats Philippines on Facebook Messenger or scan the promo QR code found in specially marked Quaker packs and promo materials which will lead user to the Quaker Oats Philippines messenger account. Registering to the promo is free but access to Facebook Messenger requires use of data/internet, for this reason regular data charges may apply. The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge stickers can be found in the following products (‘Participating Products’):
Quaker Instant Oats 800g
Quaker Quick Cook Oats 800g
Quaker Rolled Oats 600g, 1.2kg
c)  Step 2: To register, select “I’m ready” from the options. User must also agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of this promo.
d)  Before the registration process begins, user will be asked to accept the promo Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
Once accepted, the messenger will reply with instructions on how to register (Provide name, age, mobile number, email address and address). User must also answer pre-assesment questions and pass to qualify. Registration is only done once.
2. Upon successful registration, a messenger reply will be sent to the user stating that as a participant, he/she agrees to the terms and conditions of the promo, and that all information shared will be used by Quaker Oats Philippines. A participant number will also be sent along with this reply which needs to be provided to the partner clining during the pre and post-challenge cholesterol checks.
3. Participants must use their own Facebook account to register.
e)  Step 3: Participants must go to any partner clinic to get their Basic Cholesterol Test (No Fasting) for free.
If joining via on-ground events:
1.  Select “Go to Quaker Booth” from the options and present the reply to the booth attendant in the participating offices. Participant will be asked to fill out a registration sheet and sign a consent form stating permission to disclose medical information to the promo Organizer and its partners. 
2.  Once consent form is fully accomplished, Participant may proceed with the cholesterol test.
If joining via online:
Select “Proceed Online” from the options. A list of partner clinics will be sent for participant to choose from. 
 2. Once preferred clinic is chosen, an e-voucher will be sent which entitles participant to a free cholesterol test. First cholesterol test voucher is valid until March 15, 2020.
3. Participant must present the e-voucher to the chosen clinic to redeem the free cholesterol level test. He will be asked to fill out a registration sheet and sign a consent form stating permission to disclose medical information to the promo Organizer and partners.
4. Once consent form is fully accomplished, Participant may proceed with the cholesterol test.
5. On the day of their redemption of their e-voucher for the pre-challenge blood check, participants should not undergo any other medical procedure aside from the Basic Cholesterol Test.
6. Participants without access to any partner clinics may go to their preferred clinic at their own cost. Instructions will be sent to the email address provided during registration.
f)  Step 4: Results will be released within 2-3 days (48-72 hours). Participants will be notified on Facebook messenger if he/she is eligible to participate in the Smart Heart Challenge.

Major Prizes: The top 3 participants with the highest percentage reduction will receive a smartwatch and one-year supply of Quaker products. 
Minor Prizes: The next top 10 participants with the highest cholesterol percentage reduction will receive an activity tracker and six-month supply of Quaker products. 

So make the smart move to take good care of yourself with the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. 
For more information on Quaker Oats and the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, visit 

Quaker oats is available in instant, quick, and rolled oats format. And is also available in a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Banana & Honey, Chocolate with Milk, Milky Original, Beef & Carrot, Chicken w/ Mushroom, Banana bites, Fruit & Nut, and Tropical Fruit.

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