Get your hands on these NEW Tresemme hair bundles up to 50% off, only on Shopee!

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Worried about losing your balayage hair color’s luster and shine or that you hair color for morena is fading?

Is your balayage color starting to go brassy? 

It’s time to make the shift to the TRESemme Blonde Brilliance collection. It’s made with an anti-fade technology, Purple Formula, to help prevent blonde color, including balayage hair color, from fading and becoming brassy. With TRESemme Blonde Brilliance, your balayage color will remain shiny and full of luster with every use. You can now enjoy balayage hair and balayage color anytime without worrying about it fading! So, get your hands on these NEW Tresemme hair bundles up to 50% off, only on Shopee! Two is better than one with these NEW Tresemmé Hair Bundles launching on Unilever Beauty's store on Shopee! 

1. Tresemme Color Radiance Shampoo 620ml + Serum Conditioner 650ml: Contains TRESemmé’s first-ever ANTI FADE COLOR COMPLEX for better color retention and ultimate vibrancy and creates a water-proof film that coats each hair strand, deeply nourishing the hair and preventing one’s color from fading. 

2. Tresemme Blonde Brilliance Shampoo 620ml + Serum Conditioner 650ml: Uses violet pigments to neutralize brassy hues, repairs damage, and for up to 2X longer-lasting color, with a nourishing formula with Jojoba oil keeps blonde hair smooth and brilliant. 

Truly value-saving and convenient to stock up on your Unilever personal care essentials when you shop on Shopee.

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