Beauty queen and entrepreneur Zara Carbonell’s “Lost You, Found Me” now available as an eBook

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Originally published earlier this year, “Lost You, Found Me” by beauty queen, entrepreneur, and 2018 Miss Tourism Worldwide Zara Carbonell is a book extolling the virtues of self-love.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Carbonell uses her book as an opportunity to illustrate how even painful personal experiences can pave the way for personal growth and an improved relationship with oneself. 

The book’s publisher, Bookshelf PH, is happy to announce that “Lost You, Found Me” will be launched again—this time as an eBook. 

The eBook edition of “Lost You, Found Me” was formally launched on September 15, Thursday, via a virtual presscon. The presscon was attended by Zara Carbonell and the Bookshelf PH team.

The eBook will be available on the Bookshelf PH website, where it will be ready to be downloaded and ordered as a physical copy. 

“Making the book available in another medium makes it easier to share the message I value so much,” explained Carbonell. “I wrote this for everyone out there who needed a reminder, that your story is worth writing, that your journey is worth diving into.”

“Lost You, Found Me” dives deep into one of Carbonell’s personal experience that many young Filipinos can relate to: the dreaded breakup. Carbonell narrates how she was able to use the breakup with her long-time boyfriend to jump into her self-love journey (which also explains the book’s title). 

The book draws inspiration from a number of successful of self-help books published abroad, such as such as “You Are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Live an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” by Mark Manson.

Although Carbonell is happy to share her message with anyone who’ll listen, the book acts as a guidebook to readers in the midst of their tumultuous 20s. Specifically, Carbonell writes her message aimed at the Filipino youth, sharing anecdotes and insights that work within the Filipino context.  

“We already know malasakit is a core value of Filipinos. ‘Lost You, Found Me’ makes the case that this value should be extended to our selves—it will improve individual well-being, enhance personal happiness, and move people toward the success they seek,” explained Carbonell. 

Of course, the message of “Lost You, Found Me” is also fitting considering its publisher. Bookshelf PH prioritizes helping self-published authors and brands find a wider readership. The book was made possible with the help of editor-in-chief Mio Borromeo, managing editor Sam Balinado, cover artist and creative director Bettina dela Paz, and deputy editorial director Kyle Nate.

“We’re proud to be part of something that espouses such a positive message,” said Mio Borromeo. Whether it’s through print or in your screen, we’re happy to give readers different ways to enjoy Zara Carbonell’s valuable insights.”

You can order physical and eBook copies of Lost You, Found Me on 

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