LIXIL goes digital: 24/7 virtual showrooms for American Standard, GROHE, and INAX

8:23 AM

Experience the best of bathroom technology whether in your office, home, or even when you are mobile with the launch of LIXIL VIRTUAL AND DIGITAL SHOWROOMS featuring three of the best and well-loved brands in bathroom and shower collections!

Such a timely development as life at present has made us all realize that more than ever, our bathrooms and showers are truly our personal sanctuaries: they provide that much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of new normal living.

A complete gamut of choices that fit your lifestyle, design aesthetics and pocketbook will get you immersed, as you scroll or swipe. 

If purposeful design is your must-have, let your finger click the American Standard button and start soaking up innovative technologies and classy, modern, and beautifully appointed products. American Standard counts 60 years in the Philippines and has seen generations of families growing up. Incorporating the mantra of “Life.Love.Home”, the brand continually raises standards in bathrooms through their purposeful and innovative products.  

Or enter the virtual showroom of GROHE. GROHE is made in Germany and showcases the cutting-edge technology and premium look that German engineering and design are known for: rightly so, it is in a milieu all its own. With Pure Freude An Wasser, which means Pure Joy of Water, GROHE offers consumers water enjoyment through its four core values: Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability. Take a splashy dip in its virtual showrooms, and you might just find that time has swiftly passed.

INAX is the best of Japanese technology and aesthetics. The world knows that nobody knows Zen better, and nobody builds technology more high-tech than the Japanese.  INAX transforms and renews by giving you a bathroom experience filled with beautiful, innovative products that deliver Japan’s unique rituals of water: for a life that is easier, healthier, and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live fully well.

Thoughtfully put together in one virtual plane, LIXIL DIGITAL AND VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS succeed in paving your way to enjoying three brands without navigating further; American Standard, GROHE and INAX are here, all yours for the basking, be it their essential product lines or their upscale collections you’d wish to discover. And in one click, you are led to the very stores that carry the products you choose. Just to make sure that your bath retail therapy comes into fruition.

Welcome to the LIXIL VIRTUAL AND DIGITAL SHOWROOMS. Feel free to linger, to recharge and to indulge, as all bathrooms should make you do.  

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