What To Pack Inside Your Children’s School Bags

6:27 PM
Has your child come home from school with an untreated gash?
Does your child easily get sick after being caught in the rain?
Do you fetch your child all tired and sweaty?
With all the activities in school, make sure that your kids have everything they need in different situations.
Here are things that should always be in your children’s school bags:


It’s important that kids always stay hydrated especially if they like playing after class hours. Water is the healthiest beverage for your kids while they are growing up. It is better for your kids to have their own water rather than having them buy sa malamig options outside the school.

⦁      Healthy Snacks

It remains to be the best option that you prepare the snacks of your kids rather than allowing them to buy junk food or street food readily available to them outside the school premises. Healthy snack options like sandwiches and biscuits are a safer choice when it comes to your kids’ everyday snack.

First Aid Kit

Almost half the day, your kids are at school and that means that for that amount of time you don’t know what happens to them or what they do until you fetch them from school. It’s important to pack a mini-first aid kit for your children like the MEDIPLAST First Aid Kit that contains items such as: MEDIPLAST Plastic Strips (or MEDIPLAST Cartoon Strips for your little ones), RHEA Povidone Iodine, Babyflo Cotton Buds and many more in case of emergencies.

An Extra Shirt and Towel

Whether it’s sunny or raining outside, an extra shirt and towel are essentials in your children’s school bag. It’s important to pack these items and remind your children to always use the towel to dry themselves and extra shirt for change after playing.

Hygiene Kit

A hygiene kit is also an essential that needs to be in every kid’s bag. You can give them, RHEA Alcohol, Babyflo Powder, Babyflo Antibacterial Wipes and Babyflo Cologne in a small kit for your children to use all throughout the day.

Good hygiene goes hand-in-hand with good nutrition and so we must always keep in mind these small reminders for your child’s daily needs. It’s a known fact that parents only want what’s best for their children and these tips will help you achieve that!

All MEDIPLAST, RHEA, Cleene, Babyflo under Philusa Corporation, are available in all major and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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