GEN Korean BBQ House | The Secret Behind The Luscious Premium Steaks

No doubt about it that Korean cuisine is winning foodies here in the country.
GEN Korean BBQ House in SM By The Bay, for example, is this year's latest Korean BBQ spot, and it stands out for its massive 500 sitting area lets you experience top-of-the-line all-you-can-eat meat and seafood.
The perfect place to get together for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions. You can check out my pig-out session there along with Martin and Lou, here

We enjoyed our visit the second time around as we devoured everything Susan set out for us.
Susan, our hostess that night, was gracious enough to show and explain to us about the items on their extensive menu. Consistently, a lot of meat was top-notch with hardly any unsatisfying ones.
I love the unlimited side dishes like potato salad / mashed potato, spicy cucumber which is basically pickled with spicy sauce, pickled onion that is sweet and not spicy unlike the others, spicy radish, and kimchi.
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Aside from their amazing ambiance and food selection, Gen has amazing promos and offers in store for you.
For their #GenPrimetime, you get to enjoy select meats and unlimited drinks from 2pm-6pm for only
P898.00 and 6pm onwards for P1,288.00.
On the other hand, for the party animals out there, #PrimetimeFridays is the day for you. Every Friday, aside from having delicious meals for your palette, you get to enjoy hot new hits played by select djs.
Usually, the meats that were already marinated are the diners' favorite. But if you prefer a premium steak like the Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) which is the layered pork belly that come without any seasoning at all, that would be okay, too. As long as you know beforehand the entire preparation to make it as flavorful as the meats typically marinated in a mixture of different seasonings.
GEN's secret sauce's not so secret anymore is the key in making a flavorful KBBQ. A somewhat simple mixture that anyone can fuse together during a weekend grill get together using only basic ingredients you can find in the kitchen.
Another OPPO F3 Shot
GEN's Crazy Sauce is basically a combination of Cha-dol sauce (includes sesame oil, salt, pepper),  Ssamjang (쌈장) which is the Korean spicy dipping sauce, plus jalapeno and garlic. A bit spicy but good.
Mixing them all together will give you a very interesting combination of spices, dispensing a different flavor.
Although I love the meat well-done, one should make it medium-rare to enjoy all the juices from the steak. If you love your meat like the pork belly or other premium steaks well-done, put in in the middle part of the grill as it is the hottest. Easily-cooked meats like chicken can be put on the side of the grill to keep it hot and won't burn.

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To make the pork cheek flavorful, they use sesame oil, lots of onions, and kimchi to have that kick. You can also put it in a radish paper to thoroughly enjoy a distinctive taste.

There are really no strict rules on how to enjoy a good meal, as long as you share it with the people you love most.

So explore the art of Korean BBQ with friends and loved ones. Head on over to SM by the Bay and get a taste of what GEN has to offer.
Taken By OPPO F3

For more information, follow GEN on Facebook @GenKBBQPH or on Instagram @Genkbbquh.

September Promos

Birthday Promo
Objective: To continue the momentum of the previous month’s birthday promo
When: From September onwards

As with the previous month, the same mechanics will apply.

Objective: To generate more customer-driven output
When: September 4 – 17

Take a fun and creative photo of yourself during your visit at Gen, and post it onsocial media with the hashtag “#LetsMeatAtGen”.
Don’t forget to tag GEN Korean BBQ!
Show your server the post and collect your free soju cocktail coupon, which can be used on your next visit!
Every week, we will be choosing a lucky winner with the most creative photo and caption to win a free meal for you and a friend!

Objective: To push middle of the day sales and slow moving items
When: From September onwards, 2 – 5pm and 9pm – closing (except weekends and holidays)

For the time specified above, we will offer a separate rate of Php898+.
This rate will include an all-you-can-eat meal set of 12 items: Woo Beasal, Hangjungsal, Gen Signature Yangyum Galbi, Nook Gan Sal, Gobchang, Daechang, Spicy Samgyubsal, Teriyaki Pork Chop, Premium Chadol, Beef Bulgogi, Cajun Chicken, Red Wine Samgyubsal.
This rate will also inclusive of an all-you-can-drink promo, where all the bottomless drinks, draft beers, and cocktail mixers will be included in the base price.

Customers who avail of the all-you-can-drink may only order 1 drink at a time, per person

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