29 Things About me

2:28 AM
Sorry for the late update. Been very busy these past few days.
Anyhow, now that I'm already 29 and turning 30 soon, I've listed down some things about me, things I want to have, things I want to do (extraordinary things) and things I wish I did when I was younger.

Here goes:
1. Bungee jumping.

2.  Climb Mt. Everest

3. Sycamore tree in the backyard

4. Meet Johnny Depp

5. Meet Vanessa and her kids

6. Play the guitar and be a rock star!

7. Own a house (specifically Frank's house)

Father of the bride

8. A famous child star

Aiza seguerra

9. Become a Korean actress
10. Fly a NASA space shuttle

11. Own a Telescope

12. Loving the smell of burning leaves in the morning! I wish they have that scent in car freshener. Hah!

13. I'm fond of the Big Bang Theory (not the series) and other things about the universe.

14. Addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S

15. Collecting ARCHIE comics

16. A frustrated singer

17. Not a fan of dark chocolates

18. Hates riding in fast cars

19. Is a Hermit .

20.  Wants to own a ....

21. Can't live without a ...


22. A sucker for chick flicks

23. My ultimate dream vacation place : FIJI

24. Scared of thunder and lightning

25. Is addicted to bacon!!

26. Is a scared-y cat!

27.  Addicted to SCRAMBLE!

28.  Wishing to be able to read other people's minds

29. Renewal of vows inside Buckingham Palace!



  1. Happy 29th! Some of those are actually still doable. ^_^ Becoming a child star is an impossibility now but with your looks, you just might be able to make it as a Korean actress. ^_^

    Following you now, sis.

  2. Wow! I love your blog site. I enjoy reading your reviews and stories! Late na ako for your May Month give away! :(
    Anyway, congrats on your journey! I Love love love it!

  3. hi ms. olga, haha thank you po, :)) sana nga magawa ko pa lahat.

    hi sis amy! thank you for always visiting my site! Gidbless you both!

  4. Wow go go lng mAmsh 😍 support ka namin 😊 pareho pala tayo d rin ako fan ng dark chocolate 😀

  5. wow!nakakamiss po...collecting ARCHIE comics...meron pa ko isang comics ni Archie momsh kaso gutay gutay na siya.. 2 na anak ko pero nasakin parin.hehe.. me too I'm not fan of eating dark choco I'm into white...hehe.

    Fb: @Atheena Reyes


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