A visit to Amorfino, the finest restaurant in Isabela!

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The first thing we did when we got here in Isabela was to look for establishments like bars and especially restaurants. For my hubby, 3 kids and I, trying out new places to dine is one of our favorite past time.

Unfortunately for us, there aren't many restaurants here so there isn't much to choose from.Although they have fast food chains here like Jollibee and Chowking , we don't visit that place very often (not good for the kids).

I got excited when my hubby told me he spotted a newly opened resto in the heart of San Mateo, Isabela (40kms. away from Cauayan city, just a bit more a half hour drive).
I never expected it to be in the center of a public market. Parang hindi bagay, in my opinion.
Upon arrival, it was somehow disappointing that no one greeted us at the gate, but that feeling instantly melted away when I saw how homely and cozy the place was!
It was hard to miss the tarp that was hanging from the facade out front which shows the culinary achievements of both chefs of Amorfino for the past years.

The first thing you will notice as you enter the restaurant is this small area at the left side corner where you can browse their cake selections & plan your cake order details. Balloons and decors for your event are also available.

We arrived there lunch time and I was kinda expecting a rather large crowd of hungry folks by that time, but the place was empty and not busy at all. It was indeed spacious, clean and sleek!

No cakes yet available for the glass display. @_@

Modernized ceiling lights connect the different areas of the restaurant with an artistic design and at the same time they offer a light appropriate to your requirements to let you feel good and want you to stay. Furthermore you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere night and day.

Big windows + Natural light = good Fengshui!

Complimentary yummy cupcakes were given to my 3 kids by Chef Mae herself.

Ayji Landen has sweet tooth!

Ayli sandrine as well!

Ayen opted for the iced tea rather than the cupcake.

 I really love this wine storage thingy. It's classy and cute!

After feasting on those yummy cupcakes, we waited almost an hour for our entree to arrive. This salad was the first on their list. I think this was a crabmeat salad with mangoes and sort of a rice crackers underneath.

In these chicken tenders, you can choose your very own dip. Mine was bbq.

BBQ baby back ribs - The house specialty! Super tender and very tasty!  It is interestingly served in a wooden chopping board! Creative and nice!

My son had no plans of sharing this 14'' thin crust pizza to us. He wanted it all to himself.

The super crispy Bagnet! I think they've used " sukang kurat" (kurat means "surprise" in Visayan dialect, suka is the Filipino term for vinegar)

I ordered this Banana shake because I was having stomach upset that time. Sadly,I regretted it. I should have opted for the mango shake and never this one.

These babies are fried oreos with vanilla icecream!

Vanilla ice cream is best with fried oreos! It just neutralizes the taste!

We will be back here in no time. Excited for their expansion of the menu!

Amorfino Restaurant & Bakeshop
Bonifacio Street, 3318 San Mateo, Isabela

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