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IT’S AN EXCITING TIME to be an SME, according to the Department and Trade and Industry and other financial experts. A lot of potential growth is being seen for this economic sector, and government is providing many incentives. 

Still, the question for many entrepreneurs is, how do I make my small/medium enterprise more competitive?

One solution for SMEs is to invest in the advantages that information technology can bring to their businesses. Information technology is a great equalizer when it comes to dealing with larger competitors. An SME, for example, would not be spending a lot by creating and putting online its own website—but that alone allows it to potentially reach millions of customers and clients locally and overseas.

“Using the right kind of Information Technology, an SME will be able to somewhat level the playing field even among larger competitors. This is where Globe Business can be their ideal partner. Globe Business provides effective, reliable and affordable solutions that help SMEs operate their business simpler, more efficiently and at less cost. This, in turn, will give entrepreneurs advantages that they can use to grow their business,” says Manny Aligada, Head of Corporate & SME Segments, Globe Business.

Aligada encourages SMEs to check out the Globe Business website or visit any Globe store in order to see for themselves what information technology is available for them to use in helping their enterprise achieve productivity and growth. Some of these solutions include the following:

Fast, reliable, affordable Internet
The Internet helps SMEs develop their businesses by increase their visibility and market reach. Using email, social networking and the World Wide Web (for product, business operations, and market research), SMEs can also work towards making their production and promotion more efficient at lower cost.

Globe Business Ambassador and Tomato's managing director Lennie Dionisio saves up to 70 percent per month on her mobile phone bills using Globe Business’ call and text plans
Globe Business offers Direct Internet, a high-speed, secure and reliable Internet access for SMEs. This broadband connection provides up to 10 Mbps to help businesses accept product orders, communicate with their employees and customers, send reports in no time, and address their marketing and website needs.

Direct Internet also provides 24/7 support system to maintain the quality and reliability of the Internet connection. SMEs can use this Internet access to expand their reach to provincial or even international markets.

There’s also Globe Tattoo Broadband, which provides entrepreneurs and employees with mobile access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Globe Tattoo Broadband allows users to send and receive email; teleconference with business partners and clients, and do your business online with this fast, “on-the-go” wireless broadband. A Globe Tattoo Plan subscription could go for as low as P499 per month.

Affordable call and text plans
SMEs are able to save as much as 70% per month on their mobile phone bills if they are subscribed to Globe Business post-paid call and text plans. These plans come with unlimited talk and/or texting features that can be customized to fit an SME’s needs—so that they only pay for the mobile services that they need.

These plans include: 1) Globe Business Plus, which offers unlimited talk and texting features for as low as P499 per month; 2) Globe Business Company Capped Plans, which sets a flexible cost ceiling for a business’s mobile lines; and  3) AutoloadMAX Corporate Edition, which helps manage, schedule, and automatically reload Prepaid credits directly to employees’ cell phones. It includes the option to reload employees’ lines individually or in bulk, and may even track down the mobile phone spending of a department  or individual employees.

Easier, cost-efficient text messaging
SMEs can now broadcast high-volume text campaigns in just one send, at more affordable rates, thanks to the TxtConnect service by Globe Business.

Through TxtConnect, SMEs can now send text blasts to employees and customers through a Web-based service that is more affordable compared to than regular text messaging or phone calls. Since the system is Web-based, SMS blasts can be sent with just one click on a computer or a cellphone.

Subscribing to TxtConnect results in as much as 35% in saved cost compared to the regular text messaging service charges.

Seeing more with WebEye
SMEs can better protect their business premises using Globe Business’ WebEye, an online video surveillance system that has many advantages over ordinary CCTV systems.

Through WebEye, activities in one’s business premises may be monitored, at any time, thru the Internet. The surveillance video is viewable by the business owner or managers on any Internet device: a desktop computer; laptop; mobile phone or tablet device.

WebEye can help secure practically any business, from banks to lending companies; to moneychangers or pawnshops; to hospitals and clinics; and schools, as well as restaurants, bars or resorts. It also helps secure factories and warehouses; retail outlets; and government or law enforcement agencies.

Private, secure network
SMEs such as franchised food or retail outlets; and other businesses with branches that need to coordinate with one another will find two Globe Business products useful: these are the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Express and the Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS).

These products allow entrepreneurs and managers to remotely access business data and inter-connect a company's branches and company sites.

A sporting goods chain for example, may network its branches so customers are able to find a particular athletic, exercise or gym product that may be available in some branches but out of stock in others.

Entrepreneur and Globe Business Ambassador Amina Aranaz-Alunan uses Direct Internet and TxtConnect subscriptions in Globe Business to help her run her restaurants and other businesses, even when she’s on the move
VPN gives access to company emails and allows for the upload and download of files; it lets one check reports and do other business tasks online—even outside the office.

This business solution ensures private, secure communication between two or more multi-site companies. It provides real-time connectivity and access to a company’s secured network. Business owners may access business data and assist colleagues, all in real time, live from home or anywhere with Internet access.

VPN Express provides highly secured and efficient networking. It is useful to any business where the head office needs to connect with company sites.

On the other hand, MPLS allows interconnection of systems and applications among business branches within a scalable and reliable network.

The MPLS has three levels of Quality of Service—Standard, Business, and Premium—to manage network traffic in a cost effective manner.

Business data protection
Organizing and securing SMEs’ vital data and ICT resources is now possible with Globe Business’ Data Center—a technologically advanced, highly secured facility built for data storage.

Entrepreneur and Globe Business Ambassador Rose Ann Bautista of Fino fine leather boutique makes full use of her Direct Internet and TxtConnect subscriptions in Globe Business to help her run her company operations, in both her factory and her stores, even when she’s on the move
Data Center’s wide range of services include co-location, dedicated service hosting, LAN-based Internet, media storage, disaster recovery seats, recovery services, and email hosting. 

Any business that relies on and processes huge amounts of confidential information—including financial institutions, government agencies, hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts, restaurant chains--will benefit from this service.

Globe Business’ Data Center prevents the loss data due to a computer virus, deliberate hacking, spying or data theft; or computer hardware/system failure.

Fleet management service
Globe Business can helps SMEs manage their fleet of company vehicles through a real-time tracking system that ensures the delivery and security of products and supplies. It uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor the precise location of assets like trucks, cargo and products and determine if these arrived at their destination/delivery point on time.

Fleet management may be accessed and used through any computer with Internet connection. This tracking system increases the efficiency of deliveries to helping reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses, by helping determine faster routes. This service is vital to manufacturing, retail, distribution and other businesses that rely on the transport of goods.

Fleet Management is under Globe Business' M2M (machine-to-machine) Solutions-- a high-tech system that allows computers, machines, equipment and assets to remotely communicate and share information with other machines, people and computers. M2M Solutions are connected to the computerized Globe Business M2M Management System.

Fixed Assets Management
Globe Business' Fixed Assets Management service allows one to monitor the functioning, operation, maintenance, and security of a company's fixed assets. These would include freezers, vendo machines, factory machinery, ATMs, computer servers, and other equipment.

Using this system, the productivity of such assets may be determined through their status; output projections may also be made based on the data collected from these assets.

Fixed Assets Management enables one to monitor the condition of fixed assets –whether these are working normally or are showing signs of malfunction. One can also track if there are attempts to tamper, sabotage or steal these fixed assets. Alarms and alerts may also be integrated with the monitoring system.

Through Fixed Asset Management, SMEs can minimize machine downtime by undertaking preventive maintenance based on the collected data on the machine's status. Operating costs due to frequent on-site inspections are reduced because the state of the machine may already be determined through the data obtained remotely. There is also increased protection of off-site machines.

This service is ideal for restaurants and fast food chains; vendo operators; banks; factories and other businesses engaged in manufacturing.

Security and surveillance
Globe Business offers SMEs a Security and Surveillance service for greater control over the security of company sites. Security and Surveillance installs security devices (such as motion and door sensors, panic buttons) that are linked to Globe M2M Management System.

When an intruder breaks in to the secured site for example, the M2M security devices send out alerts through the computer network. This signals the system to deploy an emergency response team to deal with the threat.

The M2M Security and Surveillance system is pro-active and preventive: the security devices are always ready to activate alarms and trigger an emergency response.

Globe Business' M2M Solutions optimize the functionality and productivity of a company's machines/assets. They make business operations less costly yet more efficient. They also provide greater security and control over a company's mobile and fixed assets.

M2M Solutions are ideal for a wide range of businesses—including the food and/or service industries (restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc.); financial enterprises (banks, pawnshops, etc. ); manufacturing, distribution; practically any business that benefits from machine-to-machine networking and pro-active security.

“There is a wide range of applications of Globe Business Solutions to fit the every type of SME. We are happy to sit down with an SME to discuss how we could customize a package of solutions to meet their needs,” says Aligada.

Experience the benefits of having customized solutions to support your business. Consult a Globe Business Account Manager, visit Globe stores, call the Globe Business Hotline at +632 730-1288 or log on to  today to find out more.

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. It assures SMEs of affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all communication needs, both wireless and wireline solutions, to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost.

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