A Fun-Filled FUJIFILM “Instax and Crafts” Summer Event

I was delighted when a blogger friend of mine invited me to attend a FUJIFILM “Instax and Crafts” event held at Market!Market! last April 9, because honestly, earlier this year, I wanted to start using analog films again as I've always been fascinated with those stuff and wanted to expand my knowledge into instant photography.
I believe that any kid born in the ’80s has a soft spot for self-developing film cameras (such as Polaroid) , and I was fortunate enough to have once owned that gadget myself back then.
As we all know, these kinds of cameras do not produce results as satisfying as the regular film except, perhaps, those equipped with super awesome and expensive sensors. Some may even say that those devices were struggling to stay alive, and that they were hideously poor in quality-- but still, the coolest device.
Since the digital age and social media culture has tremendously changed over the past years, so as those self-developing film cameras and FUJIFILM is number 1 in introducing a different modern version, which is still similar in form and function, but with a smaller picture as the end result.

FUJIFILM Philippines, Inc.’s Instax has definitely changed the way we use and display our photos through its trendy Instax cameras and colorfully-designed Instax films. More and more millennials have been keen in preserving and displaying their Instax photos.
The fun event of FUJIFILM Instax last week which was the FUJIFILM “Instax and Crafts”, said to be as the biggest DIY event this summer.
Guests and Instax enthusiasts spend an afternoon of arts and crafts workshops with Mikko Sumulong of I Try DIY and Marielle Nadal-Reyes of Craft MNL, while indie folk band The Ransom Collective entertained the crowd with their musical performance. Event attendees learned different and creative ways of how they can keep and showcase their photos through DIY greeting cards and paper-die cut mobile.

Here are some of the photos during the event :

 I got 5 FREE Instax prints and we creatively design the photos using these stamps. I wanted to take these home with me.

“There is a certain kind of joy at looking at one’s photos—more so, if it’s something you can hold on to like a printed photograph. We realized that millennials not only enjoy seeing their favorite memories on Instax prints, they also enjoy displaying them and sharing them with friends and loved ones. Through ‘Instax and Crafts’, we hope that they can see that there are many ways on how they can display and preserve these memories,” shares FUJIFILM division head for electronic and photo imaging Takuya Maeda    

For our first workshop with Ms. Mikko Sumulong of I Try DIY , we made our own greeting cards using Instax prints. Mikko was doing crafting since she was 8 and that's how she started the DIY and shares her knowledge about it to everybody. According to Ms. Mikko, there are a lot of things we can do with our Instax.
She actually manages 2 websites for crafting and hosts a lot of tutorials that you can follow and do at home. She also has 3 books already published under Summit Media.
You can make monthly calendar using Instax just by printing your calendar with your preferred photos, then cut the sides. Gift tags ae super popular with Instax as well. You can make easy, unique and cheap washi and photo stands with simple origami and washi tape. My favorite was the magic wallet and waiting for the actual tutorial but for some reason, they forgot about it.
Ms. Marielle Nadal-Reyes of Craft MNL shared some of their example crafts and explained about using Instax prints and making wonderful keepsakes, as keepsakes are treasures from different milestones or occasions from our lives.
Keepsake Accordion Books : You noticed nowadays most of us would keep pictures on their phones and the Instax prints are the perfect size for the wallets or car keys and having these accordion books that are pull-out and become a little frame stands and when you fold them up, you can take it with you wherever you go.

 The one we did was a fun little keepsake called the Family mobile where you can put anything you want like origami, Instax prints, colored papers, stickers and such. the cloud would be the base where the little keepsake will hang. We tied Instax prints to threads given to us by Craft MNL
 I was able to take all of these home with me and my kids just love them to bits. 
“Instax and Crafts” at Market! Market! also marked the launch of the new exciting colors --- red and white --- of the Instax Hello Kitty camera --- and the new Hello Kitty film.

To make this summer even more fun-filled, Instax introduces their summer packages. Instax fans can now avail of their favorite Instax products with FUJIFILM Keep the Summer Fun Alive with Instax and enjoy great savings when you buy any of the trendy and reliable Instax models like Instax Mini 7s, Mini 8, Hello Kitty Mini 8, Mini 70, Instax Wide 300 and Instax Share printer.

With FUJIFILM’s 80-year history and expertise in photographic film manufacturing, making great memories, printing those Instax moments and then transforming them into works of art becomes even more pleasurable.

The “Instax and Crafts” event is supported by Photoline, Picture City, Paper Blush, Maped, Elmer’s Glue, Artline, and Kettle Corn.

For more information on Instax and its latest promos and events, visit http://instax.ph/ or check out its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FujifilmInstaxPhilippines/

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