Broken Mirror | Inside a Chinese Marriage

"According to the legend, we cannot change the mirror we were given at birth nor discard a broken one and replace it with a new one. But, if by chance our mirror breaks, it doesn’t have to remain broken forever. It can be mended. The glass can be melted and made smooth again, and the silver backing can be painted on again. Once repaired, the mirror will again reflect with fidelity what its owner is going through in life and what her hopes for the future are."

The book, Broken Mirror, has connected with me somehow on some levels. Not that my husband did a similar thing, but it involves some of the ancient Chinese culture. The negative side of ownership.
Although I'm still in the middle of learning about the tragedy, it already delivered in ways I was not expecting.

The story of Aurora, the protagonist, whose real identity is yet to be disclosed, met her heart-rending fate already at the age of two when she lost her mother and was abused as a young adult when she entered into relationships with men which she mistook lust for love. It weaves a much complex tale in the long run when she married an immigrant from China and strove to be traditional Chinese wife.

The book mentioned about revealing the secret world Filipino-Chinese marriage, but really it's not.
Not the first time I've heard stories like this as Dad would tell us stories closely similar to that of Aurora's. Having that said, I still find it interesting to learn about the dark side of dysfunctional matrimony like what Aurora had and how'd she managed to escape the wrath. Although she faced a lot of trials and tribulations her entire life, there seemed to be an underlying heart behind all of this.
It displays a touching words on motherhood that reigns over conflict with the whole marriage battle.

"I stayed in a loveless marriage for my children's sake. It was the only way I knew to give them a better childhood than the one I had.." - Aurora

Growing up, I've learned that marrying across cultures, although there are some negative things, also has wonderful ones. My Mom is a Filipina and Dad is full-blooded Chinese but her life with him was incredibly colorful.
But I'm just at a loss for words and struggling to describe how truly powerful and heart-grabbing Aurora's story was. You will feel the urge to weep profusely while reading her story.

One thing is clear, though, she released her story not be the heroine for others but to break her silence and to make a strong comeback not only for herself, but for her kids as well.

"I took a look at my mirror today and realized that a wondrous thing is taking place. Going through the crucible of a shattered marriage has melted the glass of my mirror but the pieces have started to fuse together. I’m still in the Refiner’s fire, however, and it will take some time before I can be whole again. Nonetheless, I am comforted by the fact that what I am going through is helping me heal and the light is again dancing in my eyes."

This particular book has an after in the end. Aurora begins to experience healing and hopeful to find love once again. There could be a sequel.

Broken Mirror, Inside a Chinese Marriage by Aurora Teo Mei Ling and Coylee Gamboa will be available at FullyBooked on February 1.

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