What's Inside My Althea Korea Holiday Body Box

Life of a mom can be stressful at times and this can show on the skin. I used to work in a hospital 24 hours without sleep and now I'm a full-time mom, almost with the same shift. Outside home, I do blogging events every now and then. And when I come home late at night, I still edit articles after rearranging the whole house while eating take-away and junks off my lap.
Every single day I wake up between 3 to 4 in the morning to start the day. I barely take time out to breathe.
And lately I've been seeing dry patches every where on my body. Yep, I'm totally stressed and my skin is dehydrated from top to bottom. With so many demands for our time and energy, there’s little left over for us. We’re just too busy to look after ourselves.
Good thing Althea Korea sent me a box full of pampering products for my poor body and it arrived just in time for the cold season.
I think I bought my last good set of pamper products months ago and was really looking forward to buy some new quality beauty treats to try out and fall in love with.

Althea Korea Holiday Body Box is all about making your body shine, shimmer, and be splendid the entire Holidays. The array of Korean body products will make the skin in perfect condition ready for the festive season.
The pretty blue Althea Korea Holiday Body Box with silver snowflakes all over is a creation with substance, designed to make your skin alive and kicking again.
Althea Korea is thoughtful enough for spreading delights and cheers to everyone with this box that really gives you some sort of "warm hugs" feeling inside.
The Holiday Body Box of Althea Korea contains quality products directly hand picked and packed from Althea's warehouse in Korea. You can sure of the authenticity of each item. Plus, you can enjoy international shipping on qualifying orders!
For each blogger, Althea Korea gave different contents.
All 13 items included in my box are intended to make my skin feel good and pampered. They also provide bubble wraps to ensure that the items are all safe and sound.

Here's what's inside my gorgeous Althea Korea Holiday Box : 
  • Wonder Shiny Body , Hand, Foot Scrub
  • My Body Cotton Flower Body Lotion Innisfree
  • My Body Cotton Flower Body Cleanser Innisfree
  • 6 Wonder Bikiny Body Patches
  • Calmia Sliky perfect Foot Peeling
  • Monthly New Feet Socks Pack
  • Demeter Juicy Oil Silky All Over Esse in White Musk Scent

Next time, I'll try and test each item briefly to give you my opinion. But for now, sharing with you how the product can do wonders for your skin.
My favorite so far is the Demeter Juicy Oil Silky All Over Esse in White Musk Scent. Musk is my top choice for fragrance. As a scent I’ve tried and loved in the past, I was so excited upon seeing it inside the box. I'm really comfortable using this one to make my skin smooth and nourished throughout the cold months. I can't get over the scent, the smell is just divine and it's not greasy and heavy at all.
Since I'm nearing my 40s, my skin is in dire need of moisturizer and cleanser, and the Innisfree My Body Cotton Flower Body Lotion and Body Cleanser (300ml) will definitely keep my dry skin hydrated and clean at all times. Plus, it is rich in Shea Butter with Hyaluronic acid for a smooth finish. Now I know what cotton flower smells like. Turning the aroma from the nature of Jeju Island into my own scent. Can't wait to use these.
The Wonder Shiny Body Scrub for Body, Hand, and foot, said to have walnut grains effective for deep cleansing and removing the unwanted dry part of the skin. I'm pretty excited to try this product since my skin has already a buildup of dead skin cells making me darker I think. So exfoliation using this product will bring back my skin's natural gloss. Hello, youthful glow!
The Wonder Bikiny Body Patch reminds me of muscle patches I buy at drugstores that offers relief for sore muscles. These patches are different, of course. Since I'm not familiar with Korean language, I did a slight product research. This is actually a hydro gel type body patch helping you to achieve a toned and slimmer body lines thanks to bitter orange extract, caffeine, and Capsaicin (active component of chili peppers).
Just what I need!
Been wanting to get rid of my flabby, ugly, jiggly arms and belly, now I can just attach the patch anytime anywhere without the hassle of leaving home. Awesome!
After I've given birth, my feet never looked the same again. Scaly and ugly. So I make sure I visit my favorite local spa for a pedicure and footspa monthly. A hassle for me really. Time consuming and not advisable for me since I don't have a nanny and waste of money in my opinion.
Thanks to Monthly New Feet Socks Pack and Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling, they will indeed save me money, but still give me that pampered, relaxed feeling just like in a spa. Said to be effective in removing callouses in just days. The one on top has orange oil extract, and the one below I'm not sure. Lol.
They've also included inside my Althea Korea Holiday box the cutest loofah I've seen from Etude House! Sadly, I won't be using this to get clean, instead I'll hang this next to my collection of Hello Kitty :)
I also got a thoughtful greeting card and a discount card, too! Now, I'm addicted to Althea more than ever :) Really cannot wait to make my next purchase using their easy-to-navigate website. I thought I'd have to pick it up from the post office but they delivered the box right at my doorstep and it arrived so fast!
I love all the products from my Holiday Body Box!
Thank you, Althea Korea!
Gain exclusive access to deals, new arrivals, and more by checking out their website, here http://ph.althea.kr/ and facebook page , here https://www.facebook.com/altheaphilippines/
For newbies, there's a ₱150+₱150 welcome gift plus FREE SHIPPING on orders above ₱999!

Happy Shopping!


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    1. I'm contented, char! Happy new year, dear :) God bless!


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