St. Anne College of Lucena Inc. is this year's Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge Champ

Congratulations to St. Anne College of Lucena Inc. for winning the Best Travel Cake, as well as the Best Festive Cake. While Western Institute of Technology-Iloilo took the Top Wedding Cake award.

The 11th installment of Goldilocks' Annual Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge proved to be the primary interest in the country this year and I, once again, was blown away by the standard of expertise demonstrated by these students, with their exceptional creativity, level of effort and perpetual commitment.

The lCDC is renowned for being the only cake decorating competition in the country wherein students from across the nation compete head to head with their on-the-spot cake creations.
Given the more challenging parameters of this year’s contest, teams were given five hours to decorate three cakes with corresponding themes.

The exciting twist this year was the integration of an overarching theme, which was the fusion of the arts.
The competing teams have integrated the arts of fashion, sculpture, and painting into their cake creations.

The Winning Cakes of St. Anne College of Lucena Inc. and Western Institute of Technology-Iloilo

The ICDC was judged by some of the best and brightest icons in the baking and design industry like Penk Ching and my idol, Heny Sison. 

Nearly one hundred entries were pro-judged to find the top ten qualifying teams. 
All ten schools emerged as the finalists were :
  • Tecnnological University of the Philippines
  • Asian College-Quezon City
  • Pangasinan State University Lyceum University Laguna
  • St. Anne College of Lucena
  • Caiayan Educational Foundation Inc. 
  • West Visayas State University
  • University of Cebu
  • Western institute of Technology-IloIlo
  • Gabriel Taborin College of Davao 
The participants not only have the competence set needed to compete, but they have the endurance that lets them do it under pressure. 
Proved that they were all at the top of their game. Have shown inventiveness to produce the best wedding, travel, festive cakes.
They were not experts in just one area but in all three. And for me, they were all winners.

St. Anne College of Lucena Inc. has once again gained a baking showcase worth a quarter of a million pesos for their school, as well as P20,000 worth of Goldilocks gift certificates for the team itself. 

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Behind the scenes :

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