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I can still feel the warm and salty sea breeze brushing my cheeks, tousling my hair. I found myself on the paradise island once again, curing my soul, drowning my blues away.  I told my friend Martin how I loved the sea and how the sea loved me back. Possibly I was a mermaid in my previous life. The island of Boracay may be overrated for some, but not for me. Albeit all the flaws, Boracay remained a paradise.
I wish I had the chance to see the most famous island in the Philippines in its vestal beauty a couple of years back. It breaks my heart to see the current state of some parts of the beach with a pile of washed up trash that met us constantly. Believing that the major environment issues will be addressed soon by the local government, saving a trove of treasures it once held.

Nevertheless, Boracay still owns breathtaking beauty most especially when the sun touches the island. A wonderland not only for professional photographers but for every single soul. A place with spectacular view you could never tire of.
When we were there last weekend, I was fortunate enough to see the clearest blue sky. Heavy rain poured down the very first time I've set foot on the island a few months back and I only got to experience it overnight. We just locked ourselves in our hotel room and ate a few crisps and sweets.

But our recent 3 day journey and tour of Boracay was undoubtedly great. From accommodation to island tour, everything went so smoothly and we couldn't fault Azalea Hotels and Residences. Even with unforeseen circumstances, still an experience I wholeheartedly recommend.
Did you know that I suffer from Aviophobia? Yes, I am a fun travel partner indeed. Although I already have traveled to 3 foreign countries, I still get nervous and couldn't sleep before I go on a trip. I absolutely dreamed of traveling the world but flying terrifies me.
But did you know Aviophobia survival is possible when you are traveling with a good company? I realized it now.
Our flight to Boracay has been delayed for 2 hours and yet I was able to enjoy every minute of it.
Thankful for these dear people ( Jeman, Ed, Rain, John, Martin, Lou, Paul, Ria, Ms.Laila) who kept me sane all throughout the flight and stuck by me even I was difficult to handle.
Calming the storm within me, I feasted on the Chinese delight at Yangchow before gobbling up my forevever favorite dessert - Buko Pandan.
While I tackle and handle my dilemma by annoying Martin, I still felt panicky. The "annoy Martin mode" was switched on the entire flight to no longer trigger my panic attack during that short period but to no avail.
Also blaming the culprit behind my blisters, wounds, and humiliation (KEDS), all respect and dignity now has been lost forever. After all they are closer to the feet so they must be guilty.
The cold sweat and trembling began when the plane took off. I grabbed Ria's arm and pulled it with great force, thinking I was going to have a heart attack. I was a bit breathless.
While the mantra "This Too Shall Pass" played in my head and on repeat, pretended fear was non-existent, which made the whole flight slightly tolerable. SLIGHTLY.
Glad I only had to endure it for 45 minutes. In comparison with other airlines, Air Asia is the best low-cost airline for me. Fast and slightly tolerable.
You need to remember that when you go to Boracay, there are no direct flights. You have two options to get there if you're from Manila. Grateful for they chose the faster route which is Manila to Caticlan in Panay Island and from Caticlan Airport, we took the 15-minute ferry ride to the island.
If you're choosing the Manila to Kalibo route, you have to take the bus to get to Caticlan Jetty Port for more or less 2 hours. From there, you take a 15-minute ferry/boat ride to Boracay. This route is usually more popular among budget travelers.
There is absolutely no excuse not to take photos and videos for your social media as the place is already picture worthy.
I always always carry extra cash with me when I travel. Some tucked into the small pocket of my pants separately. There is always a need to pay other fees like the terminal pass, environmental and admission fee, so you need to include extras in your list. Not to mention scoring awesome and unique souvenirs for friends and kids as most of the people I know like to take a little something home with them as a reminder of their travels.
I love to take lots of candid shots and freeze honest moments when I travel with my friends. So after learning about this trip, my husband Anthony decided to surprise me with a new action camera and a spanking new phone since my old one is about to die on me. But I think my friends are starting to hate me because of that. Satisfying on my end, humiliating on theirs? Sorry na bes.
I cannot comprehend the joy in me while I rediscover favorite and forgotten moments from the past. Truly mystifying.
I'm really glad we stayed at Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay because I'm already familiar with it as we stayed at Azalea Baguio last year. Truly a holiday haven. As usual, the hotel exterior and interiors look modern, upbeat, fresh and well-lit. With the cozy guest lounge area, everything looked decent as expected, but I adored not only the spacious hotel rooms and serviced apartment suites, but also their friendliest and accommodating staff. Got there past noon and they served us cool beverages and clean wet towels.
Although slightly different from the usual, Azalea brings to Boracay 284 value-for-money vacation accommodations for groups of families and friends with its spacious hotel rooms and l, 2 or 3~bedroom apartment suites all furnished with full kitchen amenities, separate dining and living areas. Centrally located in Station 2, Azalea Boracay is the perfect take off to the best of the island. 

Modern day comforts await you in your over-sized hotel rooms and entertainment suites semi-furnished with kitchen facility with living and dining areas, entertainment facilities, sofa bed and bedroom amenities; staying indoors could be as much fun as the outdoors.

Since this beautiful hotel is situated on Station 2, the walk will be a breeze to those visiting all the places of interest, including food and party places. Ms.Debbie and Sir Adrian were the friendliest with a great sense of humor. No dull moments with these two around. I specifically love the techy key card, bracelet rather. I call it the hotel room key of the future. No more key card to lose and it's waterproof!

How cool is that?

Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay is a stand out hotel for many reasons but one of the many reasons is beautiful contemporary artworks are spread along each hallway that adds warmth and personality to the space.
The picture above is the DELUXE ROOM which is a 30 sqm room that can fit 2 adults or 2 kids and 3 adults.
This has two (2) double beds + One (1) Convertible Sofa Bed which is price for only P8,500.
Below 11 years old are free of charge if using existing beds.
This is the ONE BEDROOM SUITE which is a 40 sqm room that can fit 2 adults or 2 kids and 4 adults.
This has One (1) king-sized bed + One (1) Convertible Sofa Bed priced at P9,500
Below 11 years old are free of charge if using existing beds.

This is their THREE BEDROOM SUITES which is a 72 sqm room that can fit 6 adults and 2 kids or 8 adults.
This is a one (1) king-sized bed +Four (4) double beds + One (1)Convertible Sofa Bed priced at P21,000 during regular season.

For those who want to top up their tan and boost their vitamin D in the body , the rooftop main pool overlooking the Station 2 hotels is the best choice. The scenery is also instagrammable.

Grabbed from Ed Uy of www.whereiseduy.com
They say when opportunity knocks, grab it with both hands and never let go.
So when I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a bloggers getaway, I enthusiastically accepted the invite and spent my Father's day weekend on the island even if it was a bit of a challenge. Challenge because of my weak body that time plus leaving the kids will be a disaster.

But still, grateful that they let THE BEKS have a relaxing stay at their 2 bedroom suite which is a 60 sqm room perfect for 2 adults and 2 kids or 4 adults. This room has two (2) king-sized bed + One (1) Convertible Sofa Bed priced at P16,000. The usual, Martin and I shared the other room and Lou and Ed opted the room with toilet and bath inside.

My family stayed in a lot of hotels. Prior to committing to our hotel, I usually do a bit of research. Some of them have ratings less than the other. There are specific things I look for in a hotel before staying there. In short, I'm a hotel OC. But Azalea have exceeded my expectations. Really. You can even ask Martin that I slept like a baby the second night :)

Now you're all set for the real deal, to witness the paradise as I've seen it. I'll let you have a sneak peek of the virgin-like spot of Puka Beach to Tambisaan beach and Crystal Cove. That will be next on the blog.
Will introduce you to Nemo and let you experience the island vibes (through my words and photos) like nowhere else on earth.

Indeed, the best Boracay experience, and 3 days is really not enough.


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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