Discover Boracay | A Journey To The Paradise On Earth

Mother Earth indeed has so much to show and I still have so much to see. They say, for a healthier being, one must travel. Certainly, euphoria came about when we set foot on this island paradise not so long ago. Didn't just experience the best tour, but I also got to be part of a new and fun circle.
Going to new places will definitely bring out the best in you. I may have waited until I was in my mid 30s for this trip to paradise, regrets happen, but finally found the courage and went for it.
This is the second part of my , our Boracay Island journey courtesy of Azalea Boracay and their travel concierge that led us to breathtaking corners of the island, amazing food houses, and all sorts of things I’d swear you'll never find on any brochure.
It was a fun 3-day trip that involved my getting up at 4am on a weekend, capturing the beauty of the island from dawn till dusk. Putting a one day itinerary Boracay Island tour in order seems to be one of those things you can't efficiently handle yourself just yet. Azalea Boracay will gladly do the work for you, letting you have a nice, peaceful vacation with the family. See places the way it is supposed to be seen by the help of their team.
The cooperative weather provided us the freedom to roam around. Things you can discover on a random walk are often just as entertaining. And because of that, I may have discovered a little adventurer in me which I never could have anytime found out.

The night prior to our island day tour, Ms.Debbie and sir Adrian made sure that everything was in order. Rode an E-tricycle (run by electricity) for the first time while exploring the local night shops on our way to Golden Phoenix - tagged as one of the best,to replenish all that electrolytes we lost that morning.
You can pay the fare of 10 pesos per person. 15 to 20 pesos for longer rides. You can also rent it out for yourself for 150 pesos. 
They've provided first-rate recommendations for dinner and lunch and both had scrumptious Filipino dishes.
Stayed in Azalea for the second time, I'm officially tagging it as my safe haven. I honestly and completely enjoyed my two nights stay as everything about it was charming and completely wonderful.
Since I'm not a heavy sleeper and I need to increase my energy level for the next day's grand adventure, the hotel should have zero interference with my sleep.
But not a sound has disturbed my rest, how's that even possible?!
Although I wanted to wake up at the earliest and greet the sun, the overtired body prevented from doing so. And Azalea Boracay has passed the siesta test with flying colors.
One of the best part in staying in Azalea that time was Martynaa being my roomie. Since I always wanted to have perfectly-shaped brows but failed to execute, he took the situation off my hand and got my brows done beautifully.
No, I said beautifully, I didn't say you're beautiful ;p
The place was still silent when Martin and I arrived at around 6am the morning of our tour. No need to go out and look for a place to have breakfast as they have Kuya J inside Azalea Boracay. One server seemed like he just woke up but didn't fail to accommodate all of our requests which was a good thing. They served the same breakfast buffet dishes every morning, which was the only downside. But enjoyed our meal ( and the photo op) nonetheless.
Although I was feeling a little down because of this female misery, that didn't stop me from having a great time. I was so ready to throw in my beach towel and jump off the boat/cliff.
Still a fantastic day, one of the best even. After having a full meal, we went far and wide into Tambisaan Beach, situated between Barangay Bantud and Manoc Manoc which you can reach by getting on a boat at station 3.
Snorkeling at Tambisaan beach I believe was the highlight of the day..for them ( not able to join them for a dip). Mentioned as a great snorkeling spot. My photos do not do this paradise the justice it deserves. The place was everything I was hoping for and more.
The pristine beach and the abundant different underwater creatures were just amazing. God has truly made everything beautiful. There was serenity, there was peace in the heart seeing that crystal turquoise water underneath the luminous blue skies.
Maybe a huge factor for the cleanliness - we came during the low season. It felt as if we owned everything you see here.
Supremo 4k shots
We planned on visiting Magic Island, but the team was not prepared for the crashing waves they will meet beneath them. So, we went to Crystal Cove for sightseeing and Puka Beach for swimming instead. I, on the other hand, crave the adrenaline rush the cliff diving will bring. Blast this female dilemma.
For 200 pesos, you can already enjoy a day tour Activity, just a few minutes away from the main land of Boracay. It has its own private white beach and two coves with gorgeous trailway for trekking. Too bad, I missed the experience of crawling inside the tunnel leading to another enchanting cove. I was able to see breathtaking panoramic sights of Carabao island, Romblon Island, Caticlan Island, Boracay Island and Sibuyan Island while on top though.
When I visited Boracay a few months back, my hopes were high on discovering Puka Beach, to collect Puka shellsBut since we stayed only for a night, it all vanished into thin air. In my mind I see the place as an empty uncrowded beach, but money happens. It is now full of cabanas and beach beds but still heaven on earth.

By midday, went back to Tambisaan Beach where we stretched our legs, used toilet facilities, and had a sumptuous seafood feast at a known restaurant. Truly an adventure-filled day but worth the effort.
The highlight of my day was riding the ATV for the first time from inside Happy Dream Land to destination Ocean Tower where we saw the paradise island of Boracay from the top of the tower. Who would've thought I would try this in Boracay! It was a safe and awesome journey as we had a guided tour all throughout. By far the most exciting thing I did on the island. I was a badass mother rider! LOL
No Boracay life is complete without Soju, KTV, and coffee! We rocked the night away at this kpop-inspired KTV place as we sing along to all our favorite songs while sipping beer out the bottle.  Service was second to none as they catered to our every need.
Boracay has been deservedly declared as a hot spot for party-goers. The ultimate destination for people who love staying out until the wee hours of morning, with their hangover on the side then doing it again the next day.
Despite some awful news about what the island has become, I still find Boracay too beautiful for words. I recall some places we visited that stopped me on my tracks, wondering how I got so lucky just to be there and experience paradise. All thanks to Jeman Villanueva of and Sir Adrian Ramirez of Azalea.
As I write this article, it makes me feel like I’m back in Boracay all over again, enjoying the heat and the sand between my toes.

I genuinely left my heart in Boracay and I believe that the paradise on earth is filled with hearts too that people have left behind.

Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
+63 36 2881144 / +63 998 9953916 / +63 917 8611138


  1. Whoa! They have Tom n Toms in Boracay?! I have not been to Boracay in what seems like forever, and I'm no longer updated as to what establishments have opened (or closed) in the island. Something tells me we should visit again soon! :)

  2. Wow, you sure had a good time. We stayed on the same hotel too when we were there last summer.. Azalea is absolutely a stunner when it comes to service. Love Boracay's sensational nightlife moreso its emotional sunset. Dropping by from FBF :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your Boracay summer escapade. I'll consider visiting the place though not a priority, coz I prefer more of Palawan and Davao. Aside from Azalea, what other places you could recommend staying in Boracay?

  4. I've never been to Boracay, kainggit!

  5. Im in my 30's and havent been to Boracay too... Reading this post rekindle my plan to travel Boracay.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  6. I also love Boracay! But I would love to visit the island during off-peak seasons. It's also a good place to visit with loved ones :)

  7. Boracay is still the most beautiful beach that I've seen so far. It's been years since our last visit but planning to go back.

  8. You look amazing!

    I've not been to Boracay, but it's on my bucket list and for sure will only stay in Azalea! :) We love Azalea Baguio and for sure Azalea Boracay will only be better, because beach! 😁

    I'm not one for adventure, but really would like to try snorkeling, why didn't you go snorkeling? :P

  9. A beautiful glimpse of Boracay. One day I'll be sharing my own Boracay trip and photos. Awesome pictures! :)

  10. Look like you had fun at Boracay. It's always a good spot to take a break and just get away from everything. Boracay will always be a safe haven ... well Station 1 i. :)

  11. Boracay is still on top of my bucket list. I wish I can erase it some time this year. Beautiful photos of the paradise. You make me jealous.

  12. Uy kasama pala kayo ni Jeman! :D Anyway, I'm from Bacolod sis but never been to Bora. haha Ang layo ng travel. But your photos make me want to go there, at least kahit once lang. Oh well, maybe before the year ends. Ayaw ko ng summer, sobrang daming tao haha

  13. I'm looking forward to Feb 2018 for our family reunion at Boracay. I wish to book at Azalea Boracay after reading some good blog reviews. - KarenT

  14. Grabe! It's been years since I've been to Boracay. Your post makes me want to go back next Summer with my family.


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