Who Will Be THE ONE? | An Unsung Hero Working With A Community

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Do you know a person, an angel in disguise perhaps, a volunteer who makes the world a better place? Could be a friend, a relative, a stranger - those people that go way beyond just to help others never expecting anything in return. The next Mother Theresas of tomorrow today.
Indeed, one of the most amazing things we can give to someone is allowing the Lord to do His job in us. We can make a big difference if we can find great heroes to affect not only one life but many lives.

THE ONE Philippines Humanitarian Award (TOP), a subsidiary project of THE ONE International Humanitarian Award, is now looking for the next game changer here in the Philippines. The unsung heroes in the Philippines who are doing good for and within the community. Not just a one time hero, but they will give up everything and put other's loves before their own. Someone who strives to improve the well being of people across the globe. 

By recognizing these unsung heroes, TOP aims to further their good work with a monetary reward, at the same time boosting the spirit and morale of Philippine residents to serve and to encourage more selfless good work. This is in line with the Rotary motto of ”Service above Self”. 

Conceptualized and founded by David Harilela, a successful businessman and a past district governor of Rotary in Hong Kong, THE ONE has been recognizing and awarding these heroes since 2012. 
One of its first finalists is Cecilia Oebanda-Flores who was recognized for providing shelter for human trafficking victims in the Philippines. 

"Human trafficking is a 52 billion dollar underground business which really needs a holistic approach", according to Cecilia Oebanda-Flores.
"It is a demand. And beyond the issue of human rights, human trafficking is also an economic issue. Sending off children away from home thinking that they will have better financial ability, to end poverty immediately. But it isn't always a positive result."
Not only they would do rescue operations but they also do prevention program. Educating young people how to protect themselves.

The search will commence in August 2017 and end in January 2018. The Gala Awards Night is scheduled in May or June 2018, the special evening dedicated to amazing men and women one of whom will be the first TOP. 

The winner of the first TOP will receive Php 1,500,000.00 and a trophy. He or she will also automatically represent the Philippines in THE ONE International Awards and get a chance to win again. 

Two runners-up will also be chosen and each will receive Php500,000.00. The award money must be used to further the winners’ humanitarian cause and service projects. 
Furthermore, TOP will donate, in the name of the nominator who nominates the winner, Php 150,000.00 to a Philippine Government-approved charitable organization or a Rotary club in the Philippines designated by this nominator.


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