Make Your Child Ready For Learning With The New Scott's DHA Gummies

Vitamins can be beneficial to some, however, if you’re already in good health, taking vitamin supplements should be limited. To those who've been taking vitamins instead of getting nutrients from fruits and vegetables, always remember that there is no substitute for a healthy natural diet.
There is always an exception.
Since I'm anxious about my kid's eating habit, I let him take supplements.. the fun way.
A sort of insurance for him while learning to expand his diet since he is a serious picky eater.
Just recently launched here in the Philippines, the NEW Scott's DHA Gummies is a fun and exciting way to make any kid healthier and help support the brain development so that they are ready for all that learning.

Did you know that by age 6, your child's brain by weight is already 90% developed?
The growing years are therefore an important point in the development of our child's brain, aided by a crucial fatty acid called DHA.

Just 3 gummies a day provides a rich source of DHA, giving 15% of the daily DHA+EPA requirement based on FAO and WHO.
DHA is integral to the proper function of the brain, and supports your child's brain development.
Already available in both strawberry and orange flavors, Scott's DHA Gummies comes in a great-tasting fruity taste any kid will love, even for my pickiest eater!

Now me and my 3 are so ready to discover more activities that stimulate the mind together!

Scott’s DHA Gummies is for children 5 years and up.
Please consult with your doctor before taking this and make sure your kid chews the product properly with supervision.
Available at Mercury Drug, Watson’s and leading supermarkets.
Prices are based on SRP (1) 3s – P24.00, (2) 15s – P 117.50, (3) 60s – P433.00).

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