Woman Unexpectedly Gave Birth Inside FUN RANCH's Restroom; Baby Granted FREE Unlimited Play

A restroom of a mall or any establishment for that matter isn't really your usual birthing place of choice but that's exactly what happened one Saturday morning at Fun Ranch Pampanga branch. And it's not everyday you get to see a miracle like that.
According to Mommy Joy Espinoza, a nursing aid and a mother of 3 now 4, the baby came out much quicker than expected. In fact, it was not her due date yet. She was supposed to give birth last August 29 but Baby Zoey Farah, named after Fun Ranch, couldn't wait to see the colorful place around her. No contractions nor labor pains were felt unlike in her previous ones. She was just blessed with such an easy birth.

The kid who saw the incident immediately ran and told a FUN RANCH staff that a woman had in fact given birth inside their restroom. Instantly, FUN RANCH Medical Assistance and San Fernando Rescue Unit went to the scene.
The ever generous FUN RANCH sponsored the party and the reception area. Baby Zoey Farah was granted with Unlimited Play for free in all Fun Ranch branches until the age of 12. 
I have always been a fan of FUN RANCH as they always provide good customer service with a heart. Not only they stand out when it comes to service, they serve the tastiest dishes at their events as well. 

More photos from the event below:

If you wish to have the best place for your events, check out FUN RANCH as they have accessible branches in Ortigas, Alabang and San Fernando, Pampanga.
Function rooms are available without rental fee for children's party, corporate events, debut or any special occasion. 
A copy of their party packages are available for download at www.kidsrulehere.com
For party inquiries, please call 706-3019 or 706-2887 (Ortigas); 836-9387 (Alabang).

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