ELS Clean Tech Introduced Effective Cleaning Tool; Environment-Friendly, too!

Keeping the house or the public area clean is no easy task, but I'm pretty sure it all depends on what cleaning tool you are using which can make it a lot easier for everyone. Indeed, a mop can definitely be a good device that can be used for cleaning a wide variety of surroundings, yes, but how about in the healthcare department? Is it really advisable to use the old-fashioned mop to thoroughly clean the area? Sure, it is still an effective means of removing soiling and dirt but you really cannot avoid cross-contamination while cleaning up heavily soiled messes especially in hospitals.
Thanks to this day and age, a lot of companies now are introducing high-tech techniques and cleaning machines to further improve sanitation.
Together with AVET AG and Electrolux, ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation, introduced new and environment-friendly solutions to the age-old problem of designing and manufacturing of effective cleaning tool. The ClaraClean microfiber range are free of cancerogene or mutagene inhibits and has been independently tested in Europe.
The mop itself has been a major breakthrough, capable of removing significantly higher amounts of dust, dirt and bacteria from a surface than using the traditional cleaning aid. The soiling is then held within the incredible microfiber and can only be removed by laundering using an Electrolux machines with high temperature ensuring all viruses and bacteria are killed.

The concept has already been recognized since the 90’s and just waiting to be launched commercially. Unfortunately, the market conditions restricts the entry of high end microfiber mops into the market due to high cost to manufacture, maintain and target pilferage rate below 10%.

This incredible 60cm microfiber mop can absorb 3 times its weight meaning 3 kilos of water and 3 kilos of dirt and can be washed up to 725 times. But ELS announced that they will maintain only a 500 wash cycle for their microfiber for hospitals to maintain the quality.  RFID on these mops will also be launched on the market which is capable of cycles reading.

One more thing, no more buying of these high-end, effective but expensive Microfiber mops and mop handle, the ELS Clean Tech support shall come as lending out of the high end Microfiber mops, mop handle and accessories in their commitment of a clean and sanitized facility. They will also be responsible for the care and maintenance.
The AVET AG – claraclean 2.0 microfiber mop system is the only one in the market that can load cleaning agents and chemicals into their microfiber mops after a program based washing and drying. They made sure that storage shall never be a problem for their target clientele.

For more information, visit https://elsphilippines.com/ and ELS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elsphilippines/

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