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When you are considering plastic surgery, you want a surgeon that is board certified with many years of experience performing successful surgeries. Your surgeon must have the skills that are necessary to make you look and feel your best. They must have expertise in performing a diverse range of procedures that include facial plastic surgery, breast surgery and body contouring. The ability to apply dermal fillers and assist with skin care regimens is also a necessary requirement.

What is Breast Surgery?

 When someone chooses to have breast surgery, they want to change the shape, size and appearance of their breasts. They can have a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation. Even though these surgeries are geared toward women, many men undergo gynecomastia surgery which decreases chest size for men. A breast lift takes away excess skin, fat and tissue. During the procedure your breasts are contoured. Your areola is reshaped, and the surgery improves breast firmness and elasticity.

Undergoing a breast reduction includes shrinking the breast by getting rid of excess fat and tissue. Women may opt for this option when their breasts are too large and cause discomfort. The surgeon creates a smaller breast size that is more comfortable and eases the pain. Breast Augmentation consists of having implants or fat transferred to increase the size of your breasts. You can select silicone or saline implants for your procedure and expect fuller breasts after the surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery is performed on men with unusually large chest sizes. This procedure removes the extra glandular tissue and contours the chest. It leaves clients with a more masculine chest.

People want to have these surgeries due to many reasons that include excessive weight loss, underdeveloped breasts or just unhappiness. After the procedure, patients have an improved outlook on life, and their self-confidence is increased.

The Benefits of Breast Surgery

Having breast surgery can enhance breasts that may begin sagging after giving birth. It can also eliminate the signs of aging. Women find that after pregnancy their breasts begin to lose elasticity and form. Breast surgery can revamp your breasts and make them more appealing. You no longer need to settle for unattractive breasts because you had a child. Additionally, aging can make your breasts become droopy and fall. This can cause women to become dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Your breast will become more supple and bouncier once you have surgery. You will feel younger and have a more youthful body.

Breast surgery can decrease the pain caused by breasts that are too large. The cosmetic effects can assist women that have undergone mastectomies and reconstruct their breasts. If your breast are uneven, the surgery can fix it so that both breasts are the same size.

When breast surgery is complete, many people are much happier with their bodies and appearance. They have a higher self-esteem and their confidence is boosted. They can wear clothing that they weren’t able to fit into before. They look better in swimsuits and enjoy going to the beach. They have better body profile and become sexier.

The Ideal Breast Position for Your Shape

If you are considering breast surgery, it is imperative that you find the correct breast position for your body. You want attractive breasts that have a natural look and feel. Breasts that look fake will leave you dissatisfied with the results of your surgery. Here are some tips to help you find the most appealing breasts for your body shape.

How to Find the Ideal Breast Position :

•Measure the width of your breasts and the implant.

•Consider the size of the implant and the amount of silicone or saline in it. 

•Check the manufacturer's chart and compare it to your breast size and shape. 

•Have the surgeon use a sizer and adjust during your surgery. 

•Do not choose your implant based on a picture in a magazine. 

•Confirm that your breast position complements your body type. 

•If you are slender you may not want to opt for large implants. 

•The position of your breasts must coincide with your body shape. 

•Remember that large implants look better on women with bigger body frames. 

•Smaller implants are more appealing on women with smaller body frames. 

•Try out breast implant samples in assorted sizes and shapes before your surgery. 

Donald Roland, MD is an award-winning surgeon. He has won the James McBride Sterett Jr. Award and the Leo M. Davidoff Award for plastic surgery. His office is on the Upper East Side in New York City, and he accepts out of town patients. 

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