My Quick Visit To Dela Salle University Dasmariñas Cavite

Now that my eldest daughter is on her way to Grade 7, I'm thinking of finding a new school and selecting the best possible place to entrust her and my other two.
Of course, I'm not entirely going to love everything about that place, but, you know, it should be a place that seems to align itself most closely with your values, ethics and belief system.
DeLa Salle University Dasmarinas Cavite is just that. Students engaging into positive activities, allowing them to firmly grow on other areas while on academic learning. I realized that after my quick visit to their academy two weeks ago.

Their mission? The University shall strive to become a leading institution nationally and globally in the integral formation of the youth by offering relevant, responsive, and community-oriented academic programs, research and extension services, and promoting a keen sense of history, arts and culture. Following the footsteps of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the University shall continue transforming itself into a caring community guided by Gospel values, with a fervent spirit of service, love for learning and excellence through a holistic formation of its members.

Witnessed an on-the-spot t-shirt design contest for #DLSMHSI students anchored on the theme "Diversity is beautiful" aimed toward raising awareness on the need for tolerance in our communities for differences among us.
There was also an International Food Festival - a gastronomic feast for those who have diverse palates!
Tried dishes from Korea, China, Africa, Solomon Islands prepared by the students themselves. Learned a thing or two about their culture as well.
The annual international food fair helps international students feel at home. Because of this event, they think of the University's community as their family. It was indeed a pleasant sight seeing a presentation of different foods from around the world.
A student told me it was good to introduce their local food to Filipino students so that people would know about their country. If she went back and had to choose a college all over again, she’d choose Dela Salle University Dasmarinas Cavite every time.
In addition to cooking their country’s food, these awesome students performed a cultural dance as part of the international performances that took place prior to the fair.

Sadly, I was not able to attend a lay forum on heart attack entitled Heart Matters which focused developing a fit heart minute habit for high risk people.
There was also seminar about anti-bullying called "I am Bigger And Stronger Than My Bullies", aimed at students' capabilities in dealing with bullying at school and in other situations.

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