Orly Introduced Latest Innovation and Trends for 2019

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Honestly, I'm not really into nail salons.
I find it uncomfortable paying someone to scrape the dirt out from under my nails, including the touching of my hands and feet. There's also the thought of pedicure-related toe infection to occur if the manicurist would accidentally punctured the skin with contaminated nail instrument, we can never know.
But the truth is, the true source of my discomfort is that I'm a bit ashamed by the usual state of my nails since I keep on chewing them off without even realizing it. So I just do my nails myself.

But I guess that will change now because, the leading nail polish brand worldwide, introduced a disruptive innovation recently, when you say disruptive, it's totally different. A game changer. A miracle.
Say hello to Orly Gel FX Builder In A Bottle which I think will end the short nails dilemma. This product is an effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application that offers flawless and more natural looking nail extensions. Yes!

Almost 2 years in research, the Builder allows for an easier application compared to Acrylic or Hard/Soft Gel.
This one applies like a soft gel but wears like a hard gel with a strong yet flexible formula. It follows a fuss-free soak-off removal that actually protects your natural nails and allows them to grow. How cool is that?

Orly International Vice President For Sales, Nadia Deering gave a style report on nail care trends and top polish for 2019.
Orly Breathable has a new color collection this year, Dusk To Dawn, with 6 new shades. There's also a new collection for Spring Trend called Radical Optimism. There's also a collection perfect for the Summer called Euphoria. These are mostly vibrant reds and aqua blues. What's The Big Teal and Warm it Up are the bestsellers for this collection.

The Orly event held at Marco Polo recently also held a beauty dialogue featuring three inspiring Filipina women who have led significant contributions in their respective fields: Doctor Geraldine, Zamora, journalist Margaux Salcedo, Compete actor Pinky Amador.
According to Pinky, taking time to accepting who you are and BUILDing and INNOVATing from there, what are the things you like to improve, how can you find mentorship, how can you build sisterhood, how can you build your own confidence to become your own extraORLYnary self. That's her take on build and beauty.

Orly has been part of my momma journey for years now after I first found it in the nail salon when getting a mani/pedi. As soon as they put the polish on, I knew I'd be buying my own bottle. Orly products typically last longer than other polishes with consistency of the polish; Not too runny or too thick. Just goes on smoothly and thickly, and dries quickly, too.
About the Orly Gel FX Builder In A Bottle, if you're planning to ditch the pots and tubes and interested sculpting and extending nails using brush-on application without sticky mess, check out I DO Nails branches in Eastwood, Mckinley Hill, Ayala Malls Feliz.


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