How Bluewater Day Spa Makes Gazini Ganados Feel Like A Queen

Developing a positive attitude and healthy habits to conquer everyday stressors are two things Blue Water Day Spa likes to advocate.
Not just about looking good, but how you feel from within while reaching your goals and enjoying a satisfying life.
A new addition to its roster of wellness and beauty endorsers was recently introduced to the media. Someone who has set a good example through her healthy lifestyle and good nature, which led her to become our raining Bb. Plipinas Universe, the gorgeous Gazini Ganados.
As you all know, Blue Water Day Spa has been a proud partner of Bb. Pilipinas for years now, supporting positive advocate of goodwill, Filipino values, and of course, culture. Its inspiring to see the ladies be confident and fearless in their pursuit of their dreams to promote the Philippines to the world by being good examples. Gazini is a fitting example.

Beyond her beauty and effortless grace, she inspires everyone to continue working their own goals because no matter how hectic and stressful life can get, a positive attitude is what everybody needs in able to conquer challenges ahead.

For Gazini, things didn't come to her in a snap of a finger. She worked hard in the effort of staying fit, healthy and become more confident in her own ways. Of course, every successful woman has an army to help her achieve the best and feel like a queen. As she prepares for the competition, part of the wellness habit is having her ‘me’ time at her favorite spa, Blue Water Day Spa.
Making time to indulge in wellness and pampering treats like the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Traditional Filipino Massage to detox and soothe her tired muscles from a full week of engagements is something she looks forward to.

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a favorite among celebrities and models like Gazini who, aside from leaving feeling refreshed, are also able to detox through such treatment. This is a relaxing method to keep her from getting bloated or feeling lethargic with the regular release of toxins.

Meanwhile, the Traditional Filipino Massage or Hilot is great for easing muscle tension especially when you’re like Gazini who works out a lot, constantly moves around, and like a Queen, is always wearing heels. This treatment is a much deserved treat after another long week.

More than just taking care of her looks, beauty queens like Gazini also put a high importance on wellness to always be at their best in fulfilling their queenly duties.
Thanks to BlueWater Day Spa, Gazini, as well as so many others are able to enjoy such treatments as they aim to give themselves the best care as they work on being their best selves.  Because beauty is not only what’s visible from the outside, it also comes from within us.

BlueWater Day Spa has branches in Ortigas-Greenhills (Tel. No. ‎0917-8156659), Makati (Tel. No. ‎8173126), Banawe, Quezon City (5629689), Capitol Hills (Tel. No. 9524829), Eastwood City (Tel. No.` ‎9151247) and Cotabato City (0927-5988153).

For franchising inquiries, please call ‎6951820 or ‎ 09175715886.

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