Look : Taiwan’s Groundbreaking Brands at the "Wow! Taiwan" Exhibit

This may sound like a form of amnesia, but I don't remember much from our family's Taiwan trip back in 1995.
Not even sure about the year, too. I do remember though how delicious Taiwan was because we ate and ate lots of street food.
The only interesting tourist attraction I remember visiting (with photos as evidence) was the Queen's head and you could only see a few tourists there.Taiwan was not really a go-to for backpackers back then but these days it has become a popular destination, thanks to technology and its dynamic economy that has been increasingly gaining interest from global businesses.
Now, it's one of the tourists' favorites and will continue to attract more people because of their groundbreaking brands globally. In fact, it is emerging as one of the most promising innovation and startup hubs in Asia.
I have seen the brands and their products upclose at the recent exhibit held in Makati.
The "Wow! Taiwan" exhibit showcased various kiosks that displayed the best of Taiwanese food, cosmetics, fashion, technology, and modern household products.
Products from XYZ Printing were the coolest things I've seen. The micro-printer is safe and portable, perfect for any home or school desktop, with an enclosed printing area, all heated parts are hidden during printing, giving you peace-of-mind to leave the da Vinci nano printing soundly in the corner.

They've also introduced snacks good for babies who are cutting teeth. Master Mi is perfect for baby biting and chewing. it is a new tech on grain cooking which melts instantly and easy to digest. It has natural ingredients, without artificial additives, rich nutrition including vegetables, fruits, calcium, iron, vitamin B6, C, D &E. Rich in Bifidobacterium.
The "Wow! Taiwan" exhibit was brought to the Philippines by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT-MOEA) and Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) in partnership with CRIF Asia, with the objective of bridging Taiwan’s leading enterprises to Philippine companies and consumers.
Director Chang Wen Chong, Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines explained that the entrepreneurs of the exhibited products want to be exposed to the local market in the hope of widening their market and finding prospective partnerships and opportunities to set up shop in the Philippines.
According to Director Chong, the Taiwanese entrepreneurs are targeting the “middle to higher-end market” in the country, due to the increasing purchasing power of Filipinos as well as their affinity with the Taiwanese.

“The Philippines has a very young and dynamic population that's open to innovative products,” stressed Director Chong.
“They are also interested in Taiwanese culture, as seen in the huge numbers of Filipino visitors flocking to Taiwan.  In fact, the Philippines has the most number of arrivals from Southeast Asia in Taiwan last year. Currently, the potential is high in the Filipino market because the younger generation has more disposable income and are open to new and unique products.”

The other Taiwanese brands that were featured in the exhibition were Brinno Incorporation, HiMirror Mini, Carnation, Yumark, FECA, Kid2Youth, Washcan, Jye Li An, Bung Cheng, Shuter Enterprise Co. Ltd., H&J Food, and Chung-Hsiang Foods.

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