NutriAsia makes Mother’s Day Masarap, Masaya for Quezon City Mothers

7:29 PM

NutriAsia, the leading manufacturer and distributor of condiments and sauces in the Philippines, made Mother’s Day more special by distributing gift packs to moms residing in Quezon City.


Underprivileged mothers from across six districts in Quezon City were able to receive gift packs containing various NutriAsia products, allowing them to make the holiday more Masarap, Masaya with their favorite dishes. 

“Along with NutriAsia, we would like to celebrate the love and sacrifices that mothers give and make for their families every day. However, we also recognize that not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate the holiday in the way that they’d like, especially with the challenges of this pandemic. So this year, through our gift packs, we want as many Filipinos as possible to enjoy this special day with the food that makes them the happiest,” said James Lim, Corporate Marketing and Communications Head of NutriAsia.


Treat your mom or your family to a special home-cooked Masarap, Masaya meal, no matter the occasion by visiting or following NutriAsia on Facebook at for a wide range of recipe ideas!


  1. magandang way ito to honor hardworking and deserving mothers, kaligayahan ng mga nanay ang ganitong gift packs,thank u nutri asia,kudos

  2. Napakasaya po talaga na ma honor ang mga sacrifices at mga paghihirap ng mga nanay nung Mothers Day kaya salamat kay NutriAsia.

  3. Nice naman ng NutriAsia sure na napapasaya ang mga mother's sa mga binigay nilang products ❤️


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