Linen & Homes shows that sleep may be the best gift you can give this Christmas

With the highly-anticipated “Ber” months just around the corner, Filipinos everywhere are getting ready to spread the early Christmas cheer the only way Filipinos know how—blasting Mariah Carey and Jose Mari Chan, counting down until December 25, and gearing up to give gifts to their loved ones.

Of course, what better gift is there to give than the gift of a good night’s rest? According to Filipino sleep and lifestyle brand Linen & Homes, the gift of good sleep is important simply because it’s the key to a wide range of health benefits like better energy. 

Sleep-deprived Filipinos Linen & Homes’ emphasis on quality sleep is important given that studies have shown that nearly half of all Filipinos fail to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. This number puts Filipinos among the most sleep deprived in all of Asia. Many even report experiencing a negative impact on their stress levels and mental/emotional health. With sleep deprivation affecting Filipinos of all ages from young schoolchildren to working adults, it goes without saying that getting quality sleep is something everyone should appreciate. 

“Sleep can be the gift that keeps on giving,” said Linen & Homes co-founder Shelly Tan. “Getting better sleep has the power for a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are grateful to be in a business where our collection of products can make a positive impact.” Giving the gift of sleep for everyone Founded by married couple Shelly and Ryan Tan, Linen & Homes has curated a collection of products that help customers create a cooler, more refreshing sleep environment amidst rising temperatures and a society driven by the hustle and bustle. Linen & Homes’ products like sheets and sleepwear are made with natural bamboo fabric that adjusts to your body’s temperature.

The premium bamboo fabric carries hypoallergenic properties to keep the body cool and even stay friendly to sensitive skin. Bamboo fabric is also anti-bacterial meaning the fiber is more resistant to odors. Linen & Homes’ collection of products are available in a curated range of products which makes them ideal for gift-giving. For instance, the luxurious bamboo sheet sets sold by the brand are perfect for families or even new couples trying to settle into a new sleep routine together. 

Soft, cozy bamboo cotton blankets are a great gem to give away at office parties and give colleagues one more reason to look forward to their time to relax after a day of work. Refreshing, the brand also offers soft and stretchy sleepwear that have become whole day outfits, becoming the favorite outfit for night and day as told by repeat customers. 

“Often, we hear from customers that their recipients are really happy with their present. It’s also something that gets brought up repeatedly with true joy,” said Ryan Tan. “It was something special for me to hear my no nonsense uncle talk about how soft and cool his pajamas and sheets feel.” 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that many Linen & Homes products are Oeko-Tex Certified—meaning customers can sleep well knowing it’s guaranteed the brand’s beddings contain no toxic or allergic substances. Being certified means products were tested according to the Standard 100 tests put together by Oeko-Tex, an association of independent institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry. The tests included inspecting for carcinogenic substances and harmful chemicals. 

With Linen & Homes, consumers can rest easy (literally) knowing they’re getting top-quality sleep. In an increasingly stressful or anxious world where more people don’t get the quality sleep they need, the value of good sleep can hardly be understated. “As the ‘Ber’ months approach and theChristmas season begins, we hope you consider giving the gift of better sleep.,” mentions Ryan. “We offer gift wrapping and direct delivery to recipients. Making the process convenient for the customer is important to us. 

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