Redefining Toughness: CASIO celebrates 40 years of toughness in all forms

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Since Casio launched G-SHOCK in 1983, the brand has established itself as a pioneering force in rugged timekeeping, proudly showcasing its durability and toughness even in the most extreme activities.

Over the years, G-SHOCK’s “toughness” has evolved and taken on new meanings, capturing the definition of toughness for different individuals. As the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary, G-SHOCK unveils its highly anticipated Masterpiece campaign. 

Redefining the definition of Toughness

The launch of the groundbreaking Masterpiece campaign symbolizes a new era of resilience and strength with G-SHOCK as the brand cherished by adventurers and active individuals worldwide. It boldly redefines the conventional notion of toughness and embraces the idea of toughness having a different meaning for every individual.

The empowering tagline of Casio G-SHOCK’s Masterpiece campaign "That's Tough" encourages individuals to redefine toughness on their own terms. It invites everyone to celebrate the diverse aspects of strength and resilience that reside within them. Through this campaign, Casio G-SHOCK aims to inspire a new era of toughness – one that embraces individuality, humour, kindness, and courage.

With "That's Tough," Casio G-SHOCK empowers people to see toughness as a multifaceted concept, personalized and defined by each individual's journey and experiences. By breaking the barriers of conventional norms, this campaign opens the door to a world where uniqueness is celebrated, and strength is embodied in a myriad of ways. That's tough.

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