Spot and stop children’s colds early this rainy season with Disudrin

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When it rains, it pours a world of sicknesses that are difficult to avoid. As the rainy season rolls in and your kid starts sneezing and scratching their nose, it can only mean one thing: the colds season is here yet again.

Colds are never fun; not for your little ones bugged by the discomfort, and certainly not for you managing the treatment while having to deal with stress and worry. Luckily, there are several ways to keep sickness at bay during this season. And in the instances that colds cannot be avoided, know that they can be managed. 

Disudrin, the #1 colds medicine for kids and most prescribed by pediatricians, breaks down the best and most reliable tips to keep your kids healthy and colds-free during this season of uncertainty.  

Have your kids wash their hands frequently. The biggest concerns sometimes require the simplest solutions. Regular handwashing remains one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick by eliminating germs and preventing it from spreading to others. It helps to give your kids a mental schedule of when they should be washing their hands without you around, especially in while they’re in school. Remind them to wash their hands around the three B’s of the day: Break time, Banyo time, and Barkada time. Break time refers to the importance of having clean hands before recess or lunch. Banyo time covers after every time they visit the restroom. Lastly, Barkada time reminds them to wash their hands after playing with their friends.  

Give your kids plenty of fluids and well-balanced meals. Much like handwashing, drinking plenty of fluids is another easy practice that can makes your kids safe from colds. Staying hydrated proves vital for a well-functioning lymphatic system. It also supports blood volume and boosts communication and biochemical pathways, which all strengthen the immune system. When kids already have colds, they should be drinking at least two more glasses of water than their regular intake so that they flush the toxins out. 

Proper nutrition is also crucial for kids to help keep them healthy and strong. Ensure that your little ones are able to have well-balanced meals—a good mix of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates—on a daily basis. 

Keep your kids moving. Although rainy weather is conducive to staying cooped up in cozy cushions, it’s important to keep your kids moving to keep their immune systems healthy. Since playing outside while the rain ensues is not an option, the next best thing is to encourage your kids to stay active by engaging them through indoor activities. Some fun games like playing hide and seek, learning a dance, or doing stretches together are good options to inspire physical activity. This also doubles as a chance to bond with the kids.  

Know what to give your kids and when. Preparations can only do so much. When colds do strike, remember that the focus shifts from prevention to management. A reliable partner approved by professionals, Disudrin provides effective symptom-relief from children’s colds. Moms always want the best for their kids, and this extends to reliable medicines. Disudrin, taken every six hours after meals or depending on pediatrician’s recommendation, fights off a clogged and runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and sneezing, setting your kids free from bothersome symptoms, while saving moms from all the anxiety. 

This rainy season, take control of the uncertain even when preventive measures prove insufficient. When colds come, moms can manage it properly at home with Disudrin. Act quick, act right, and remember, #WagPalalainMagDisudrin. 

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