Global Sports Brand Decathlon Launches Solar Panels Project

1:37 PM

Global sports retail brand Decathlon launches its new Solar Panels Sustainability Project at Decathlon Masinag.

As part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability, a solar panel rooftop was built and installed on Decathlon Masinag. This was done in partnership between Decathlon Philippines Inc. and Skye Renewables Philippines Inc., where both parties entered into a Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) Supply Contract.

The solar panel rooftop consists of a 225.06 kWp system, which is expected to generate >2.7GWh of renewable power over a 10-year contract period. Approximately 30% of the store’s yearly energy consumption will be covered by the onsite renewable energy source, making it an effective means of guaranteeing access to a low-carbon, renewable energy source.

“The completion of the Solar Panel project is a significant milestone as we pursue our global decarbonization strategy and achieve 100% use of renewable energy,” Hans Iff, President of Decathlon Philippines, shares. “In Decathlon, we aim to advocate sustainability in our daily practices to positively impact our playground. It is our pleasure to partner with Skye Renewables that shares the same commitment as us.”

Skye Renewables Head of Philippines, Gary Espino, shares “We are proud to work with Decathlon and support them in their transition to clean energy. This project aligns to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, all of which we regard seriously.”

“From the sense of urgency into actions - this project shows the tangible outcome of our sustainability efforts. This is the first on-site renewable energy source in Decathlon Philippines. We are convinced that we will accelerate our actions, not just on renewable energy but the whole Sustainability Project of the country.” JP Oracion, Sustainability Leader of Decathlon Philippines, states.

This project is just one of the many efforts from the Brand. Decathlon’s circularity model consists of Buy Back and Second Life, where Decathlon can “buy back” old Decathlon purchases from customers and repair those, giving the products a “second life.” Second Life products are resold at a cheaper price, giving the product an entirely new life.

Decathlon also commits to lessen its carbon emissions through its transportation, logistics, (sea freight and bike deliveries), and ecomobility initiatives. Decathlon also carries eco-designed products, where products are designed to have the same qualities of use while reducing their negative impact on the planet. Lastly, Decathlon has a number of stores that have received LEED and EDGE certification which have resource efficiency measures, particularly water savings, energy savings, and the use of sustainable construction materials. Decathlon Masinag received its LEED Certification last 2020 while Decathlon Fairview, Clark, Pasay and Cebu are EDGE Certified. Decathlon Fairview is the first-ever mall store in the country awarded with the EDGE green building certification, awarded last 2022.

Visit Decathlon Masinag at Marikina-Infanta Hwy, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal, Philippines. Shop online at www.decat or download our Decathlon Shopping App. Follow Decathlon Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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