The Importance of Having a Mom Tribe

Hillary: "How do you do it? How do you be a single mother? It's so much work to do on your own." 

Lytia: "See, that's the problem. You're thinking about it. You can't do that. You've just got to do it.  If you try to take it in all at one time, it's gonna overwhelm you.  Just take one snotty nose and one dirty diaper at a time. You're gonna put yourself together."  

The conversation between Lytia & Hillary from the movie The Single Moms Club hit me hard
. Yes, I'm (literally) watching the movie as I craft this article for Mother's DayIt made me realize that the film resonates deeply with my personal experiences as a married single parent since my husband and I was in a long-distance relationship a few years back. It highlights the power of support, and friendship among mothers facing similar struggles, showcasing how they come together to navigate life's ups and downs.

While I learned how to draw strength from within and navigate the complexities of solo parenting, having a "mom tribe" indeed made a huge difference. You see, there are no “on/of” and “pause” mode on parenthood, even when the other parent's MIA. As mothers navigate their lives as parents – which can push them both physically and emotionally-sometimes, it’s inevitable to experience an internal pressure to be the “perfect mom” for their children. Even the most reliable moms need the reassurance that they have someone to rely on.

I remember the first years of solo parenthood were too overwhelming for a young mom like me. Despite the joy of welcoming my little one, the reality of round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes was daunting. I longed for connection with others who understood what I was going through. Thank God for my mom and sisters, my very own mom tribe, showing unwavering support and understanding, making the journey a bit easier for me. 

Have you seen PLDT Home’s Mother’s Day campaign? 

It highlights the importance of having a reliable support system, the concept of “backstage moms,” or moms who support other mothers as they navigate their responsibilities, challenges, and learnings through motherhood.

The video opens in a studio set up, where Jaclyn, a mother, appears to be performing for her daughter Lottie. As if filming an actual show, Jaclyn plays the ‘perfect, gentle, and calm’ mom while trying her best to keep her head above water.

But motherhood isn’t a show or performance. The story shifts to Jaclyn who then loses her ‘perfect image’ and goes backstage to release her real emotions. That’s when her support system of fellow moms, including her own mother, comes in to show their support saying, “It’s okay to ask for help. We are here for you.”

The story ends with PLDT Home thoughtfully reminding moms that there will always be a community of parents – whether online or offline – that they can always rely on no matter what. It’s a timely reminder that when parenthood gets tough, it’s always okay to turn to people who can empathize and reassure.

With the right support and community, moms can get through anything together. Watch the video here:

To any new moms out there feeling overwhelmed and alone, I encourage you to seek out your own mom tribe. Whether it's within the family, through local mommy groups like Madiskarte Moms PH on Facebook, online forums, or social media, finding a community of fellow moms can provide the support and camaraderie you need to thrive on your motherhood journey. After all, we're all in this together. #WeAreHereForYou

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