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When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, that was in 2005, my OB-Gyne in Manila advised me to put something on my face because it was very dry and itchy, small pimple like bumps were visible. It was as if mosquitoes had feasted on my face.Truly annoying.
Antihistamines were my first choice but such meds weren't allowed.

Good thing she gave me free samples of CELETEQUE facial moisturizers in sachets only but I was hesitant to use it at first. I never tried any facial products before.
Not vain really and kinda scary for me. During my 2nd trimester, it gotten worse.
So I decided to try it anyway. I was surprised that unlike other facial moisturizers I've seen on TV, the consistency of the CELETEQUE moisturizer is super light.
More like water! It's non-greasy,oil-free, did I say super light?
The best part? H-Y-P-O-A-L-L-E-R-G-E-N-I-C! Yey!
Perfect for my super sensitive O.A skin. I even tried using it on my daughter's skin.
She has skin asthma and it's not doing any harm on her I think. No allergic reactions whatsoever,thank God! It's non-comedogenic ( it does not clog pores) and fragrance free. I still use the moisturizer whenever the weather is cold and makes my face sooo dry plus when I feel like I need to moisturize. I use it more now since the weather here in Isabela is colder. Especially now that it won't stop raining and December is fast approaching.
When I went to a grocery in Ilagan, I saw this cute skin care package from CELETEQUE, for only 140 plus pesos. It already has a  FACIAL MOISTURIZER(25ml), a TONER(25ml) and a FACIAL WASH(25ml). That's all it takes to get what you've always wanted -honestly good skin you can bare without make-up or cover-ups! 
Not much of a "toner" fan here. I don't even know how to use it or what it is for but I used it anyways. It is stated here that CELETEQUE toner is alcohol-free and it will recondition your skin for moisturizing. It will help remove last traces of stubborn dirt and make-up.
The Facial wash , on the other hand, gently removes dirt and impurities from the outside world. It has a very mild scent with NMF(Natural moisturizing factor).
The facial moisturizer provides long lasting relief from skin dryness. It has Dimethicone ( a silicone-based polymer commonly used in cosmetics, that seals / lock in the skin's moisture.) 

I truly learned a lot when I became a mom. Becoming a mom doesn't mean you need to look LOSYANG (Tagalog slang for not glamorous). In fact, that is the time you need to start really taking care of yourself. My kids always tells me that they want me to dress like a princess or go to SPA-mpering salons or use makeup once in a while. An eye-opener for me. Being vain sometimes helps you to feel good as well. It's fun when someone who doesn't know me finds out I'm a mom of 3! If you want a perfect partner all throughout, then I would recommend Celeteque.
SO, what's next on my skin care list.the new Celeteque DermoScience ! Next time though!

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