Walk with Tomato: Comfy, stylish footwear for women!

TAKE A BREAK FROM WEARING HIGH HEELS while still looking chic and stylish? 
Then go for comfortable yet trendy flats by Tomato. Choose from a collection of fashionable, fun and casual footwear—perfect for adding a touch of leisurely yet eye-catching style to whatever look you choose for the day.

A nice pair of flats is a staple for any woman. It’s comfortable and can be worn with basically anything,” says Karen Espiritu, Tomato marketing manager.

Tomato’s ballet flats, on the other hand, can be form-flattering when paired with skinny jeans, leggings and slim shorts—yet with a little creativity and panache, they can also go well with dresses and skirts. Ballet flats can be flirty and demure, depending on one’s mood for the day.

Ballet flats used to be for ballerinas only but now these shoes are fashion essentials for many girls. We have flirty, fantastic, and very feminine collection of ballet flats in our stores,” Espiritu relates.

If you're looking for a fun, sporty look, a pair of casual canvas skimmers from Tomato is for you.  These shoes are adorable with capris, shorts and short denim skirts.

Tomato also has peep toe ballet flats that adds excitement to your casual outfit. 

Tomato flats are definitely big steals. They are affordable and very versatile so you can use them everyday,” says Espiritu.

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