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When I got an invite for a Mattress Launch, I sort of had an idea that the whole event was gonna be an interesting one.
And it was! The whole talk was about how "sleepless nights" can affect your whole being.
"Sleep is the best meditation"-Dalai Lama 

As a medical technologist, I have experienced and suffered severe "sleeplessness" because of long hour hospital duties and believe me when I say it won't do you any good. Lack of sleep messes you up big time! Studies have shown that exhausted people do worse on tests of memory and have more trouble learning. Dalai Lama was right indeed. Maybe that is why they almost changed my name to Ms. ForgetMeNot.

The Kensington®, A Majestic Sleeping Experience Mattress Launch held at Our Home in SM Megamall last November 14, 2014 was hosted by the celebrity couple Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan.
They were followed by Dr. Deborah A. Bernardo, who explained the importance of sleep;  IDr. Stephanie Yan, PIID, discussed the beautiful bedroom interior design and last but not the least, Mr. Tom Castañeda ,that differentiate styles in a bedroom.

I have always been a BIZU fan! They serve yummy pastries and sweets!

The power couple Mr. Anthony and Ms. Maricel Pangilinan

Kensington® is a district west of London, England known for it's elegant and opulent properties, with Kensington® High street as it's commercial center and Notting Hill as one of it's most famous areas.

With Kensignton's widely renowned regal appeal that has captured the attention of visitors from all over the world, it thu became the inspiration for the latest and most majestic premium matress collection from Uratex, the Philippines' largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products - the Kensington® Collection by uratex premium mattress - as response to modern Filipinos' discriminate bedding needs.

And expect Kensington® Collection by Uratex Premium Mattress to capture the attention of Filipino modern mattress lovers. This time, Uratex partners with leading lifestyle furniture store chain Our/HOME in order to provide better sleep solutions to Filipino and further set the standard in wellness, elegance, comfort , durability and functionality in today's modern beds.

With 3 models to choose from such as
Kensington® Classic
Kensington® Luxe

Uratex premium mattress allows anyone to sleep on it's royal and majestic elegance and magnificent that will suit everyone's varied needs and tastes in comfortable style.

Made from a combination of classic bonnel spring, an hour-glass shape and knotted end rings at the top and the bottom with a round helical wire that connects the spring together, and further made relaxing and restful with uratex Nuovoluxe foam, Kensington® Classic provides a comfortable balance of softness on the surface and firmness deep down. With knitted fabric to cover the mattress, everyone is assured of a good night's sleep every time.

Kensington® Luxe, on the other hand, is made form high quality visco-elastic foam on top of a pocket spring material that will cradle the body to ease up pressure and provide utmost comfort to the whole body. With it's soft comfort fee, anyone who sleeps on a Kensington® Luxe Mattress is assured of an all over feeling of relaxation and comfortable sleep with less of the discomforting tossing and turning.

And finally, Kensington® Opulent is specially designed with the combination of five-zoned pocketed springs, visco-elastic foam and natural latex foam topper to ensure optimum support with it's firm built and superior comfort to provide everyone a good night's sleep.
To complete the royal sleeping experience, everyone needs night in and night out, the Kensington collection also includes the Kensington® pillow , a super soft pillow that will definitely lull anyone to sleep by providing excellent back support , perfect relaxTION and an exceptional level of coziness and contentment. I was lucky enough to bring home a one of a kind pillow like this, but i was not able to try it out for i include it to the donations for the Yolanda Victims in Tacloban.

Media, bloggers and celebs alike were present during the launch. Among those who graced the event included Mrs. Natividad Cheng, Uratex Philippines CEO; Uratex Philippines Marketing Head Cherry Wong-Tan; Peachy Cheng Medina, Uratex Philippines Managing Director; Dindo Medina, Uratex Philippines Corporate Sales Director; Janet Cheng, Associate Finance Director; Pinky Cheng-Rosagas, Uratex Philippines Finance Director.

"Alice All Grown Up" themed from these students won the prize and took home P10,000.

Anyone with a Kensington® collection by Uratex Premium Mattress will definitely enjoy it's royal beauty and comfort for a very long time since Uratex Premium Mattress and OUR/HOME guarantees superb quality and durability as each of the mattresses from the Kensington® collection has a warranty
Kensington® Classic with 7 years
Kensington® Luxe with 15 years
Kensington®opulent with 15 years -
that protects the mattresses from in herent manufaturing defects and damage , or wear and tear under normal usage.

Aside from warranties and other snug features , all items under the Kensington® Collection is treated with Sanitized® , which prevents and controls the growth of allergens to provide long lasting , safe and effective against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, molds, mildew and unpleasant odors.

Get to know more about the Kensington® Collection by Uratex Premium Mattress, and find out how you can have a majestic sleep experience any time.
Exclusively available in OUR/HOME stores nationwide
Visit www.Uratex.com.ph for details

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