Converse's first ever "Get Loud" Band competition hit the metro!

As a kid who basically grew up within a sphere of musically-inclined family, I naturally developed this extreme love for music.
So I was ecstatic when I got an invite to witness a jaw dropping , rock band competition that was held at Excess Superclub in QC last November 9 2013.

After an exhaustive nationwide search of Semi-pro bands for months, five bands were chosen in the finale and once again showcased their amazing talents to a judging panel and live audience who were mostly from the media.
"It's just really a matter of giving an explosive performance on stage and establishing that unique connection with the audience" says Eli Bonsol , Converse Philippines' advertising and marketing manager.

This was actually my first time to enter this club or any other clubs for that matter. Not my thing.

A level of excitement came over me as they were preparing the stage for a heart stopping performances from the bands

Yeah, I kinda like the acknowledgement
The judges: (R-L) Former DJ turned entrepreneur John Hendrix Fernandez ,  the brand's National Sales and Marketing Director Dan Mindanao , musician/DJ Francis Reyes,sound engineer Mark Laccay, singer Ebe Dancel,
FM DJ Funny Carl McFly  of 103.5 K-lite graced the event with effortless humor. He should've been a comedian!

" Even , Brisom , Kissbone , Bethany and Jad Montenegro are on the verge of making music history!" Says Eli Bonsol

BRISOM from NCR was the first performer of the night. I got to admit , they were the most artistic ! They performed  "Waking Lives" , capturing the sound of  a soulful indie rock.
EVEN was next in line. These young talented rockistas from Baguio performed  "Luminary" which basically described as " dark and melancholic"
KISSBONE , representing South Luzon , performed "Distance and Motion" unleashed hardcore and rock metal music. 

BETHANY , particularly from Cebu , was actually the crowd's favorite. And mine as well! They performed "Keep moving on" and the song suited me perfectly. 3 of them were siblings and grew up in a musically inclined family as well. Cebuanos really knows how to belt out a song. My mom is from Cebu, i should know! Hah! 

JAD MONTENEGRO from mindanao had to perform their masterpiece "The Escapist" twice during the event because of a mild  mishap.

PESO MOVEMENT was actually my favorite band of the night! One of them was a former guitarist of Rivermaya. Crowd went wild again as they did a mind blowing intermission number. Gave an award winning piece of advice : "It doesnt matter if you win or lose. what matters is you Get... LOUD!" Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take photos with ..uh.. them ( I actually meant with the bald-headed guy,haha ).

Selecting a winner proved to be a difficult task to face from the panel of judges, simply because all of them possessed the qualities of a winner. Even I, had a difficulty of choosing one. After a very strict analysis and comparisons , they ended up choosing the band from baguio EVEN! They also won the "People's Choice" Award from online voting.

EVEN got to take home one of these cool Converse trophies , 150,000 grand prize and Converse awesome products! 

 BETHANY and JAD MONTENEGRO bagged 2nd and 3rd place , respectively.

As what Mark laccay has said , it's events like these that make the Opm industry alive and special. Youth today should be encouraged to participate in songwriting and performing like this because we all know Pinoy youths are truly blessed with such talents.

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