Cebu Pacific announced new destination-- Kidzania Manila!

I vividly remember my first ever travel experience at the age of 14 , when our dad brought us to see the magical land of Ocean Park in HongKong.
The twins were still babies back then so they had no choice but to stay home with mom.
I never got the chance to fly again.
Still hoping though.

Flying to new places for some can be an escape to rivers of work or doldrums of everyday life .
It can serve as a vehicle to achieve a specific purpose such as a surprise visit to a relative for that person's birthday or a new job.
Opening the eyes to new adventures-- things can happen , opportunities open up , and discoveries can be made.
True enough sir Lance GoKongWei.
My excitement skyrocketed when I got an invite from Cebu pacific and I thought I would be seeing a new destination..
and I did!
Say "Kai!" to Kidzania Manila , set to open at the Bonifacio Global City in early 2015 next year!
Cebu Pacific along with Kidzania Manila partners believe in the importance of education and various information and at the same time teaching kids that life can be wonderful -- One wonderful journey after another.

Children from 3 to 14years of age, with dreams to become pilots, can now experience taking off safely and landing in various destinations.
Kids who are inspired to be flight attendants can also get acquainted with the in-flight cabin crew experience.
Cebu Pacific will introduce them to the world of fun games and the airlines fun culture.
All these and more they can experience in Kidzania Manila.
They are looking forward to let the young kids to experience checking-in to the airport, getting their first boarding pass, getting and being transported to a new and fun destination.

Kids, as well as the parents , can experience a state-of-the-art technology at the Brand new Cebu pacific aviation academy, with a same look and feel of a real Cebu Pacific Flight experience.

"Kidzania Manila is definitely different from any theme parks or educational entertainment that is available here in the Philippines because of the concept of role-playing." Governor for Kidzania Philippines Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas explained.

"Kidzania is a nation ruled by children.
An adult companion is NOT allowed inside Kidzania"
"Inside Kidzania, you'll become a part of a child-sized play city where there are over a hundred roles that children can play.
They need to work to be able to acquire the kidZos, the official Kidzania currency, that they can spend in different stores around Kidzania. 

And when they run out of the play money, they cannot buy anything just like in real life.
If they want to improved their earning capacity, they can enroll inside the Kidzania University where they can earn a degree, may it be a master's degree, a doctorate degree, etc."

"Kids will discover the different areas of interests because they will have a small stadium, a tv network, aside form the aviation academy, they will have an art academy, hospital, so whatever your kids' interest are, they will have the opportunity to try it out and pretend what they always wanted to be."

Remember my blogpost about a certain PISO play entertainment for  kids?
Well, this is a hundred-fold better!
With ABS-CBN's Eugenio lopez III , Governor for Kidzania Philippines Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas and Cebu pacific President and Ceo Lance GoKongWei
The play space alone is over 8000 square meters so imagine the whole facility -- almost a hectare including their back-up house..
The plane for the flight simulator they will be using is a real plane , and they got it all the way from Arizona.

The final pricing for the entrance is yet to be announced next year but more or less ( 1k ).
They will also have Pro Bono programs and corporate sponsorships that will allow to bring in under-privilege children at special pricing.
Different pricing for small groups and public schools as well.

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  1. Very well explained dear Erica... basa lang ako ng basa about kidzania pero hindi ko talaga ne-gets ung logic nila hehe ano ba purpose nila.. so un pala ang Kidzania..i thought it's just another kidzooona thing... but yes sabi mo nga a hundred fold more than that... (",) seeyahsoon


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