Nutrissentials for your little ones thanks to Promil Pre-school

10:28 AM

My kids were so excited from the Christmas package we got from Promil Pre-School
Inside was s a puzzle activity , which is both fun and informative that really helped educate my kids about nutrition that can be found in every glass of Promil Pre-school and a basket full of healthy snacks containing nutrients that can be found in every glass of the milk as well.
Promil Pre-School is formulated with Nutrissentials, which are high-quality foundation nutrients that are sourced from nature and strengthened by science to unleash a child's potential. 

Just what every parent wants for their children--only the best for their kids to reach their full potential, and proper nutrition.
Do you know that 2 cups of milk is really optimal for most preschoolers?
The best source of Vit D and Calcium that has Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats.
Promil Pre-School also contains DHA Omega-3 , AA Omega-6 and Lutein to help brain development and promote a healthy vision.

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