Kpop star Lee Min Ho meets Kpop star KyoChon chicken in manila

Korean culture has definitely stormed the world... especially in the Philippines.
Filipinos have embraced it for the last few years and I'm not complaining.
My family , especially my kids love anything Korean..from noodles to movies, we just can't get enough of the Korean craze.
Korean dramas beam into the homes of Filipinos, becoming a hot topic of conversation.
Part of me wouldn't be complete if I didn't pull an all-nighter to finish the Korean Television Drama that I've started on that same day.
Depriving myself of sleep just to do the things that need to be done ... like watching the Korean something quite satisfactory in the end.
Filipinos have become totally crazy (  I- too, for that matter , lol! )  about anything from South Korea.
So it came no surprise that when KyoChon, Korea's leading chicken restaurant chain finally opened it's doors, Filipinos were more than excited to line up and finally taste Korea's best friend chicken.

Unfortunately, I was not able to taste this incredible chicken from KyoChon when I went to Lee Min Ho's fun meet at Greenhills.
View the video : Click HERE
KyoChon have started serving good chicken dishes in 1991 and it has since gone worldwide with almost 1000 branches in the US, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and of course, here in the Philippines.

Actually we have already 3 branches here : Fairview, Megamall and now at Greenhills , it's accessible now to anyone who wants to try healthy chicken with honesty :)

Yes, the chicken are healthier compared to others, they said.
Although they are deep-fried..twice, double frying method removes excess oil that offers a clean and light taste.
They are double-frying the chicken and piece-by-piece sauce-coating that is necessary to achieve a hearty nutritious chicken.
They only use honest, all natural ingredients. Lowest sodium content possible.
You won't find any frozen chicken in their kitchen which is awesome by the way! it will be cooked only after you order.

KyoChon chicken comes in 4 variant series
Original - with soy garlic glaze
Honey - with natural honey sauce
Spicy (Red ) - with hot sauce made from Korea
Soonsal - Boneless chicken breast with 3 dipping sauces

They also serve Healthy fresh Green salad with grilled chicken

For more info, visit

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