#AllForTheLoveOfCooking : #Masflex Welcomes Nancy Reyes-Lumen as Brand Endorser + Free Recipes!

It really takes to be an “adult” nowadays, from taking care of the home and the children.
There are indeed gazillion of tasks, chores, work, and a lot of cooking involved with the process that, for whatever reason, in the olden days people just did it and coped fairly well. Or did they really?

You cannot successfully avoid those unpleasant realities of dealing with all the chores, but for me, it's really handling and brainstorming the menu for the week that is considered to be the most difficult.
Seriously, whipping or even trying to whip up gourmet meals every single day for me is a disaster because the skill vested only to top chefs and superwomen.
To endure all these, we need just the right partner.
Thank the heavens for food advocates like Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen and a good set of cookware from the best brand that you can rely to and make your life so much easier.
As Masflex Cookware celebrates 25 years of innovation, they've also launched the brand ambassadress with a bubbly personality who displayed her cooking skills and graciously shared her secret family recipes with us, with great prizes that were given away that makes cooking much more fun. With all those new information I got, It'll definitely save me a lot of money when I'm no longer ordering takeout every night.

In the search for an endorser for MASFLEX, they wanted someone who has had many years of experience in the culinary industry, has genuine passion in food and cooking, and one who can easily relate with the wide demographic base of consumers.  They found this all squarely in the Adobo Queen who has also been an endorser for other food and appliance related brands.
As soon as Nancy walks in, everybody could already feel her presence. What you did not know about her aside a multitasker, she really is a rockstar and part of a rockband called Hot Flashes.

Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen also comes from the Reyes clan who is the most renowned family when it comes to Filipino food in this country.
According to Masflex executives, what sweetened it further was the fact that she was already a loyal user of Masflex cookware and kitchenware products so she already knew the products very well.

Why Moms like me Love Masflex

When there was a need for a range of affordable products because back then there were only very expensive global brands which majority couldn’t afford.
The other option was to deal with the lower-quality locally-made recycled scrap material cookware that posed a health risk.
The Masflex name was derived with the goal of finding market solutions to these problems, that had a standard of quality that would meet the needs of the Filipino homemaker during those times.

MAS was for the Mass Market segment that they were trying to reach out to and help, given the consumers were faced with difficulties in this product category.
FLEX was derived from the word Flexible which was what the brand was trying to achieve; flexibility in terms of providing innovative solutions that were both affordable and of good quality for the Philippine market.

For the past 25 years, Masflex has been successful in being the primary mover in almost all categories it is a part of.
The brand is currently strongly positioned in the houseware, cookware, and kitchenware industry in the Philippines.
Not only does the brand cater to the needs of the market but it also brings forth new and innovative technological solutions in the cookware industry.

The Masflex Non-Stick collection encompasses all kinds of cookware, from basic non-stick cookware up to higher end forged aluminum cookware with non-stick coatings from Daikin Japan such as Ceramic, Marble, & Stone.

Its latest addition is the Diamond Coating series that is made in Korea.
The Masflex high quality Stainless Steel collection has both the basic and the premium lines of cookware.  Other than cookware, Masflex also caters to a variety of kitchenware & houseware products attuned to the needs of the modern home makers.

As the saying goes : "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. You teach him how to fish and he eats forever. "
Along those lines, Masflex have compiled 10 cooking webisodes that will teach Filipino people cooking techniques and recipes which we can all use to various dishes at home.
You can view them here : https://www.facebook.com/MasflexCookware/?fref=ts

Sharing with you one of the heirloom recipe shared by Masflex Newest Brand Ambassadress Nancy Reyes - Lumen.

Lola Mereng's Adobo sa Beer

 Boneless Pork Belly 1 Kilo (skin-on, cubed 12-18 pcs)
 Freshly squeezed calamansi juice 1/4 cup
Soy Sauce 1/2 cup
Oyster Sauce 2 tbsp
Potatoes (peeled and quartered) 3 pcs
Garlic (peeled and crushed) 6 cloves
Freshly crushed peppercorn, to taste
Fresh Laurel Leaf, optional 1 pc
Rock salt, to taste
Softened fresh butter 6 tbsp

1. Marinate pork in calamansi, soy sauce, and oyster sauce overnight.
2. Drain pork from marinade, set aside marinade.
3. In a Masflex Casserole, braise pork in its own fat and brown potatoes, reserve some browned potato slices for the garnish.
4. Add garlic, but do not brown, cook until aromatic.
5. Add peppercorn and laurel leaf.
6. Drain off fats.
7. Add beer and water to cover and bring to a boil, then simmer.
8. Cook, uncovered till the aroma of beer evaporates.
9. Season with rock salt, if needed.
10. Cook till pork is very tender and skin can be pinched.
11. In the Masflex Frypan, cook potatoes until tender.
12. While still hot, mash potatoes in butter.
13. Combine the mashed potatoes with the sauce till smooth.
14. Garnish with reserved potatoes, garlic and laurel leaf.

Here's one of the adobo recipes that the Adobo Queen showcased was called Rodrigo's Roast.
She mentioned that this Adobo Recipe was named after the husband of the recipe creator more than 15 years ago, but it can also be connected to the incoming President. She hopes that when the President-Elect looks at this Adobo, he will whistle too.

See the recipe below:

RODRIGO’S ROAST (pan-fried version)

1kg pork shoulder, whole, skinless, butterflied
¾ cup native white vinegar
2 tsp coarse salt
2 tsp peppercorn, crushed
About 8-10 cloves garlic, mashed
2-3 heaping tbs brown sugar
4-6 boiled eggs
2 laurel leaves
Olive oil

*Marinate pork overnight in vinegar, garlic and peppercorn.
*Note: Get your butcher to roll up the meat with fat side up, just like ham.
*Add olive oil to the pan and be generous with it.
*Carefully place pork shoulder to the pan. Warning: It will splatter.
*After browning all sides for 2-5 minutes (depends on your heat level), add the marinade.
*Simmer on low heat (covered) until meat is tender—check by slicing off a small piece and looking at the color (aim for a whitish-pink).
*Remove the meat from the pan and sprinkle an appropriate amount of brown sugar on all sides.
*Note: don’t overdo the sugar! This is just to crust the outside of the meat to further enhance the salt and vinegar components of the Adobo sauce.
*Torch all sides until the sugar caramelizes.
*Add extra olive oil to the marinade to thicken it. Since oil rises to the top, it helps cook the sauce below.
*Cut up some boiled eggs for “garnish” while you let the meat rest.
*Pour thickened sauce over meat.
*Add some garlic fried in Annatto-infused oil if you want.
*Serve hot with steamed rice

Here are some of the dishes she shared with us during the event :


A Pancake Art Contest was also held during the event. I was contemplating whether or not to share my designs. But I only can draw stick figures so I chose the latter.

Masflex aims to continuously develop affordable, easy-to-use, and high quality kitchen and dining products for their loyal consumer base and further attract new home-makers towards using Masflex products in their homes and kitchens.
Due to this, the brand is currently enjoying continuous growth.
A market leader that is headstrong in exploiting market gaps and white spaces and working on providing the necessary innovative market solutions for such.

All for the love of cooking!


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