10 Mouthwatering Dishes To Try At Matabungkay Beach Hotel's Batangas Food Festival 2016

The previous weeks have been exhausting but I was grateful that my name was included to be part of a relaxing quickie getaway in the charming city of Batangas with media friends.
I have to say a very timely one as I had heard wonderful things about Matabungkay Beach Hotel a long time ago and always looked forward to staying there but hesitated.
Yes, the long drive into Batangas' natural beauty may have always calm my anxious self, but the cool and crisp atmosphere excites me more, especially the food! Fooooooood!

What makes Batangueño dish different from an ordinary southern dish is the way in which Batangueños incorporate passion and love in every single dish they serve.
They've always stayed true to their roots, preparing remarkably fresh, homemade and authentic dishes all the time. The authentic Batangas cuisine is what ultimately brings people to Matabungkay Beach Hotel, especially now that they're having the BATANGAS FOOD FESTIVAL event, where you can experience some of the sumptuous and delectable dishes that showcase the culinary pride of this Calabarzon province, which will combine both traditional and diversified dishes, concocted and prepared by Chefs Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Jaja Andal and Popit de Leon.
The dishes were made from scratch and was presented in a way that is unique. They offered a wide range of items that are tough to find elsewhere.

I was truly fortunate to experience first-hand the repertoire of dishes and went binge eating while enjoying the calming view of the sea for a whole day. For those of you planning to be part of this long culinary festivity, Matabungkay Beach Hotel will have this exciting celebration from October to December 2016.

Since we were there only for the day, I tried to enjoy as much Batangas goodies as I could. Forgive me if my mind could not process some the scientific names of the plants and dishes in Batangas dialect. My mom is Cebuano so the words got mixed up in my head a bit.
After settling in, they let us now experience Batangas' finest. Everything was indeed delightful and we enjoyed every minute of out food trip.
Anyway, here's the list of some of their exquisite dishes at the BATANGAS FOOD FESTIVAL:

After kuya driver picked a nice spot in their secure parking, Matabungkay Beach Resort staff made us feel like we were very special guests as they welcomed us with a song plus a yummy Camote (Sweet Potato) Tops IcedTea with Calamansi ( Philippine Lemon ) to refresh us after a long drive.
OK, these are not really “food,” but I need to share to you or at least show you the uniqueness of each drink. I wanted to try Si Labuyo Eh, a refreshing mojito-like drink made with Lambanog( Philippine alcoholic beverage most commonly described as coconut wine or coconut vodka) and chili but since my heart is not made for this kind of drink, I settled for the Kamias smoothie instead. The sour kick mixed with sugar plus lime makes an incredibly yummy beverage, I asked for a second glass. I didn't have the chance to taste this other drink called Dayap Pa More but it looked just like your regular mojito.
Pistang Pate
Chef Jaja Andal made Pistang Pate, just like an assorted Pate ( spreadable paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients) and similar to SapinSapin using the native products from Batangas. The Malunggay (Moringga Olifera) Pate's my favorite because it reminds me of Pesto which is light in weight, tastes like oily basil with Parmesan cheese and a back taste of nuttiness yet sweet but with so much flavor even in a small amount on homemade baked half-sliced pandesal of MBH. Yum!
Chef Jaja also prepared homemade dressings like Patis Calamnsi, Creamy Bagoong Balayan, Guyabano Balsamic Dressing, and Guava because Filipinos love "sawsawans" and dressings.

Chef Nancy Reyes' mouthwatering Rodrigo's Roast is included in my favorite list as it is a slow-cooked rolled pork belly just like her famous Adobo using brown sugar. The results were beyond finger licking good. Chef Jaja paired it with her Pickled Miniature Ampalaya(Bitter Melon), but not bitter, I tell you. This kind of miniature Bitter Melon can be harvested and seen around sugarcane plantation.
Rodrigo's Roast

Ligaw na Ampalaya
I'm planning to make this at home by baking this instead. Patience is a virtue. I'm thinking of brushing this with my favorite barbecue sauce after baking it. My only concern really is it can be a bit tough to cook but since my kids love ribs that literally fall of the bone, I must learn right away.
Kinamatisang Baka ( Beef Tomato Stew) , truly a delectable dish next to Rodrigo's Roast. The beef meat was totally tender and perfect as it was soaked in generous amount of tomato sauce with bits of carrots, potatoes, and sweet peppers. Your not-too-sweet version of Mechado.
At home, we do similar dish but typically with chicken, and a generous amount of white rice on the side. My kids love anything thick, sweet/sour flavor of the sauce and the overall heartiness of dishes like this. I love anything that has to do with potatoes too, and the medley of the flavors from this dish left me very satisfied.
Kinamatisang Baka

Paella Ala Eh
Since Filipinos are known for lover of rice, Chef Jaja made 2 kinds of Paella, Paella Ala Eh and Blue Paella Seafoods Rice.
Being a rice lover too, the one with the blue rice captured my heart in a snap. Chef Jaja mentioned of using a Butterfly Pea Flower as a natural food coloring for the paella to make it blue. She learned that when she visited Discovery Suites in Manila. Usually, the flower is being used in Southeast Asia. The Paella Ala Eh has chucks of beef and chicken, Chorizo, generous amount of potatoes, carrots, and sweet peppers. Just like when cooking Kaldereta.
Blue Paella Seafoods Rice

Native Chicken Adobo Flakes 
Native Chicken Adobo Flakes , flaked, slow-cooked, and fried but instead of using regular vinegar and soy sauce, Barako Coffee and Tablea were used.  A bit hard to chew but flavorful and seasoned perfectly.
Health buffs can pick from the various appetizers available at the Batangas Food Festival like Kimchi Tagalog made from organic papaya, cucumber, shredded green mango in abundant amount, Mixed Greens, Inihaw na Pakbet Salad,Talbos ng kangkong ( Water Spinach)/ Sesame and Garlic, Pickled Sibuyas(Onion) na Tagalog and the Pickled Miniature Bitter Melon.

And for the best part of the Batangas Food Festival, the dessert!
The Rice Cake is milled rice steamed to perfection and turned into some sort of solid gelatinous round shaped yumminess topped with nuts.
Rice Cake
Biko is my ultimate favorite Filipino dessert as my aunts and mommy used to make this every Christmas. My childhood memory is sweet because of this.
The rice cake is made from sticky rice (locally known as malagkit), coconut milk, and brown sugar. Indeed, my tastebuds danced with this heaven of goodness in a single stick.
Batangas Biko
The Bibingkang Galapong , another one you should try at the Batangas Food Festival. Bibingka is a type of rice cake usually eaten during the Christmas season. It is traditionally cooked in clay pots lined with banana leaves. Galapong is Glutinous rice that's been ground.
Bibingkang Galapong
Since Batangas is more on rice desserts, Chef Jaja made another one which is the Suman, fried Churros style with Tablea, poured with another Tablea sauce dip.
Suman Churros

So there.
If you're planning to have a gastronomic adventure like no other, visit Matabungkay Beach Hotel as they are now offering exciting promos for the Batangas Food Festival until December 31, 2016!

Matabungkay Beach Hotel offers a choice of rooms, which are ideal for families, leisure and work travelers alike. Every room is spacious, and clean. Yes, a bit old, but clean.
They have all the amenities you need for your stay, too!

Providing best service from the best staff, exquisite dishes and comfortable accommodation, it is no wonder why The Matabungkay Beach Hotel has always been a go-to when in Batangas. Truly a must visit!

You can contact them at :

Matabungkay Beach Hotel
Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian Batangas, Philippines
(63) 917-834-1269
Fax: (02) 817-11-76

Matabungkay Office
LPL Towers, 112 Legaspi St.,
Legaspi Village., 1200 Makati City, Philippines
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For individual bookings: (02) 752-52-52
For corporate bookings: (02) 819-30-80 / 751-66-83 to 84


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